Damaged Hair Treatment Instructions


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Sistaslick said:
bumping for ms-twana... I think this might be the thread you were referring to . . .;)

Thanks Sista. Yes, I'm not crazy!!!!:grin:

No, this is not the one that I was referring to, but it is very similiar. I do have a question though. I just realized that I may be trying to treat the wrong problems for my breakage.

Okay, my hair was breaking so a friend of mines recommended Dudley's DRC. Well, I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough so I bought Nexxus Emergencee instead. (After reading good reviews about it first). So, I do the treatment, and the breakage slowed down, but it didn't stop. Mind you, this is before I read the threads on moisture and protein balance. So, after I read the threads, I figure if my hair is still breaking, then it must be moisture that I need. And I've been moisturizing twice a day and doing the baggie method for the past couple of days.

Well, I got the idea to just call my latest stylist and ask her what condition my hair was in 5 weeks ago when I was there. She's fairly new. I just started going to her for my last two relaxers (almost 4 months ago). So I asked her, and to my surprise, she said my hair was in excellent condition. So, now I'm wondering why my hair is breaking so badly then. She asked if I had been dieting or taking any medications, stuff like that. But then I thought about the one thing I didn't like about her as a stylist. She didn't give me a deep condition after my relaxers. My stylist before her ALWAYS gives a deep condition after relaxers.

So now, to my question. Sorry it took so long, btw. Once I got to the end of the previous paragraph, I realized this could have been a lot shorter than it was. Sorry.

Okay, back to the question. Could not having those deep conditionings been the reason my hair is breaking so badly?? And if so, what is the treatment? Does that mean I need protein or moisture?? Keep in mind I did an Emergencee treatment a week ago!!!


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this isn't it? ooooops!:lol: Good readin' though right?:lol:

I think you are right, homegirl should have done the deep conditioning! Especially following a process as taxing on the hair as a relaxer! After a relaxer, the hair needs healthy doses of both protein and moisture. You've already handled the protein component with the Emergencee pretty recently, so I would personally suggest you work on deep conditioning with more moisturizing types of conditioners for the next few weeks. I'd make sure I'm conditoning at least once per week for 30 mins preferably w/ heat. You can add a light protein conditioner in the mix as you feel it is needed for strength, but I'd lean on the moisturizing component the heaviest for now.

Continue to moisturize your hair daily, and keep the styling manipulation down as much as possible. HTH. I'm sure the other ladies here have suggestions too.


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so has anyone tried this with any positive results? also, is she saying we are supposed to do the aphogee first, then emergencee everyday after for a week??


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felicia said:
so has anyone tried this with any positive results? also, is she saying we are supposed to do the aphogee first, then emergencee everyday after for a week??

I've never done the entire treatment, just days 1 and 2 and then i always say forget it. lol. I usually wash with con, do the treatment, use a deep conditioner, and then use porosity control. on day 2 i do the same thing, except with emergence. it definitely helped stop my breakage/shedding issue.


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It seems a lot of people are experiencing breakage so I thought I would just give this thread a little bump b/c it really helped me.


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I'm going to use this set of instructions.

I thought it might help anyone else whose hair is a little weak right now.


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I used this regimen in the past and it worked,starting again sometime this month.
Bumping,may be helpful for others.