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Hey Ladies,

I'm looking for advice for my mom's hair. She's natural who has colored consistently for the past year. In the past month, she noticed her hair breaking, and we knew it was the color. So she stopped coloring, but I'm wondering what we can do to restore the health of her hair. The instructions posted below have been helpful for me (a texturized head), but I'm wondering if you think these would work for her, or what else would help. Also, she's pressed biweekly since forever, and has maintained thick hair while doing that, but I think this in combination with color did the trick. For me, relaxer + color did a great deal of damage, so I can see heat and color doing the same.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here's the advice I got from this site. I can't find the original thread, but I saved this to use:

Here are my Conditioning recs for fixing Dehydrated, Chemically and/or Heat Damaged Hair, and/or Dry hair (lacking Oils):

These products (Aphogee Treatment, PM Supercharged, Nexxus Emergencee, and Porosity Control) will work on ALL damaged hair types, with the EXCEPTION of curly permed hair. Using the Porosity Control on Chemically Curly Permed Hair, MAY loosen the curl.

Alternative shampoos have been listed below for those unable to use the Sebastian Laminates...which is BEST for VERY thick, wavy/curly or coarse hair. Can be used on Straight hair...if the hair is VERY thick in abundance, and at least a med coarseness.

1 - Do an Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair, and then RINSE OUT.
2 - then do the PM Supercharged (for 15 min), and RINSE OUT.
3 - then use the Porosity Control (for 15 min), and RINSE OUT.

If your hair is ALSO "dry" (lacking in oils), you will need to incorporate a Hot Oil Treatment once per week. I rec Queen Helene's Cholesterol Hot Oil. It is avail at Sallys, and is color safe!

If your hair IS damaged due to heat or chemicals, then Dryness is the first damage stage (oils have been stripped away). This can also occur from HARSH SHAMPOOS! Avoid shampoos containing Ammonium Laurel Sulfate...which is very DRYING to hair. Look for Sodium Laurel Sulfate, or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. While also somewhat drying, using a shampoo that does not contain them, may not be "cleansing enough" to remove dirt and styling product buildup. If your hair is REALLY fried...just skip shampooing all together for a while! Or, dillute your shampoo with water. Put in a tint bottle, and apply the shampoo sparingly JUST TO the scalp. Massage in...and RINSE OUT! Do not apply shampoo to your hair strands.

Hair that is Dehydrated (lacking in moisture), is usally ALWAYS also DRY (lacking in oils). But Dry hair is NOT always Dehydrated. It depends on how DEEP the damage has gone into your hairshaft.

Hair Damage has 3 stages:#1 = Dry (oil has been stripped) You need a Hot Oil Treatment once per week.

#2 = Dehydrated (moisture has been stripped...which means hair is also POROUS). You need PM Supercharged Moisturizer + Porosity Control.

#3= VERY DAMAGED STAGE! Protein Bonds have been broken (hair breaking)--Use Aphogee Treatment ....or Protein Bonds have been STRIPPED (hair is spongy when wet...melts off!) --use BOTH Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair, and use Nexxus Emergencee.

The following TREATMENT is written for those with a #3 STAGE OF DAMAGE. If you have less damage (Stage 2 or 1), then use those products appropriate for you. However, following the below treatments will NOT hurt your hair, even if you do not have a level 3 stage of damage. Neglecting to do them, however, if you DO have a level 3 damage, IS bad.

Aphogee Treatment (for level 2's AND 3)
Repeat once every 5 weeks and BEFORE (24-48 hours BEFORE coloring) AND AFTER any FULL BLEACH or TINT or COLOR REMOVER process. Not necessary for just "root touchups".

Day 1 - Light shampoo with Sebastian's Laminates Shampoo. (if your scalp is OILY, use a gentle shampoo for Normal hair, on scalp only. Do not pour shampoo directly on length of hair strands). If your hair is VERY thin....use Nexxus Diametress Shampoo.

Aphogee Treatment - ALWAYS wear a Salon Cape [Sallys], or drape a towel around your neck and shoulders WHEN EVER you use a PROFESSIONAL product. These are VERY strong. The Aphogee can cause an irritation on your skin (burning sensation...redness...welting) IF it is allowed to remain on your skin for LONG periods of time (as in you did not rinse it all off!). Drying time in Aphogee can vary according to how damaged your hair is ...or how long or how thick it is. It takes me between 25-45 min to get it HARD! You must let it get HARD and Stiff before rinsing. I use a blow dryer on high heat, high air flow setting. Just keep drying until your hair is REALLY HARD.

Rinse this product off in the SHOWER, for 2 reasons:
1)you do NOT want to manipulate your hair while it is in the HARD stage. It could SNAP off. Do not touch it as you BLOW DRY or sit under a hooded dryer. Do not bend your head over a sink.
2) RINSE off all the Aphogee from your neck and shoulder area. This does NOT irritate the scalp but it does irritate the other skin if left on for a few hours.

If your hair is not damaged enough to warrant their use...nothing will happen. You just won't notice a dramatic change. BUT, if your hair IS damaged...you will LOVE the results!

Follow any Aphogee Treatment with an application of PM Supercharged.
* Leave the PM on for about 15 min. - Rinse
Follow up with Porosity Control IF hair is porous.
* Leave the PC on for about 15 min. - Rinse

Day 2-8 - Light Shampoo with Laminates Shampoo.
Nexxus Emergencee Treatment (for level 3 Damage) + follow up with PM Supercharged, and then Porosity Control..if needed. Repeat this for a total of 7 consecutive times, every time you wash your hair. Days 2-8.

Day 9+ - use Nexxus Emergencee ONCE a week...until hair regains normal strength. Always follow with PM Supercharged.

During this time, continue to use the Porosity Control as needed. Keep the Porosity Control on for 15 min...not the 30 sec as per directions.

YOU must ALWAYS use the PM Supercharged after the Aphogee or Nexxus. Or your hair will feel BRITTLE and ROUGH.
Porosity Control helps to make hair LESS porous. And it restores hair to the proper pH levels.....it is an "acidifier". It will make your hair more sleek and shiny and conditioned.

Use the PM Gloss Drops before and after blow drying.

For ADDED protection from heat...or if hair is VERY chemically stressed...use the Wellatex "Liquid Hair Leave-In Protein Reconstructor". You must spray on damp hair, comb through, and do not use any other products. Blow dry with AIR HEAT only (not brush) until hair is 80% dry. Then add Gloss Drops, gel, whatever...and style/blow dry with brush, etc. Because the Liquid Hair contains Protein, it is DRYING, and you must use the Gloss Drops on your hair BEFORE blowdrying.

If you want to do a "Gloss Treatment" without adding COLOR....use the Radiance ClearShine alone...with just the Infuser.
Use 2 oz. Clear Gloss mixed in an applicator bottle with 2 oz. Infuser

*NOTE: If you have an OILY Scalp/Damaged Hair...just use the conditioning products from your midlengths to your ends. NOT on scalp or hair roots! That includes GLoss Drops! Only apply gloss drops to the LENGTH of your hair.


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Ahh! That was the thread I was searching for the other day!

I think your mom would be ok doing this. Colored heads need protein and moisture.


OneInAMillion said:
bump...anyone know where this original thread is? Or any other recommendations?

Hi OneInAMillion,
I've heard Ladies on this board talking about Le Maur Bone Marrow Treatment. I can't find it in the UK, but I found Royal Botanical Emergency Hair Treatment. My hair has been feeling dry and straw like, so I decided to dust this off and give it a try, I felt maybe my hair could do with a mild protein treatment. Last night I did a DC on dry hair with this and followed it up with an ORS Replenishing Pack.

This morning my hair felt lovely, strong and moisturised. Yes, my hair felt great and had elasticity. I did not shampoo because I am on a no poo trial. If my hair feels this great in a couple of days, I am going to do this treatment again. It has given my hair a good balance of protein and moisture. To think I was going to throw the treatment away!

I would strongly recommend it,
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