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Dandruff...or something else?


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In the past...I would say 5 months, my hair has developed a nasty case of dandruff.

I say dandruff because I don't know what else to categorize it as. I've tried everything known to man...coal tar, sulfur, various dandruff shampoos. It still won't go away.

To describe it, I would say the flakes are overly large, not quite as big and cornflakes, but they aren't your normal everyday flakes, either. It sticks to my scalp. I try and brush or oil my scalp before washing to loosen it, and I thoroughly rinse out all my products...so I don't think it's product buildup. Besides that, I do apple cider vinegar rinses once a week, and that's supposed to help with dandruff, so I've heard. Ain't doing a thing for it.

My scalp looks clean and pink after washing, but when my hair dries, there's this thick sheet of dry skin/dandruff/whatever all over again. It's very frustrating, and embarassing, as I don't want people to think I have some kind of scalp disease or something.

Has anyone experienced this, or have any leads or ideas on what it could be?


sounds like dandruff to me. i'd visit a dermatologist to makes sure it isn't a more serious scalp condition.


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Yes, I agree. Just to be safe, if you can, visit your dermatologist to let him/her take a look.

Have you tried the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree. That helped me out a lot in the past. I am not sure why I stopped using. (maybe because the dandruff calmed down.)

mkstar826 said:
sounds like dandruff to me. i'd visit a dermatologist to makes sure it isn't a more serious scalp condition.


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Sounds like psoriasis (sp?) to me. Although I'm not sure if this is the same as dandruff, but when I went to see a derm this is what I was diagnosed w/. I was prescribed Nizoral & it does work. After 3 years it just stopped working for me. Now I use Keracare Dry & Itchy Scalp or Design Essentials RX Therapeutic Poo.

Mine were actually the size of cornflakes & they would stick to my scalp unless I agravated them. I tried everything just like you, the Nizoral got it under control the first use.
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Could also be eczema. If so, adding products directly to the scap could only worsen it. Do you add products to the scalp, like oil or grease? Perhaps your scalp is reacting to it.