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Dec 12 13 14 15 16 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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Tomorrow Night:
Pre-Treat: Overnight with either: TMC Prickly Pear OR Mielle's Hawaiian Ginger Overnight Hair Mask
Cleanse: JMonique's Dead Sea Mud Wash
Treat: Curls & Potions FRW and Bamboo Rinse (Under Dryer)
Steam: Claudie's Avocado Intense OR Afroveda's Ashlii Amla
Final R/O: SM Cream Rinse
HOT: Hot Oil Treatment
Apply L-I and Dry (LOC)


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Aloe Vera on hair and scalp for 15 mins
Poo: Keracare Hydrating Detangling Poo
DC: Marie DEanDc under heat for 30 mins
Leave-ins: Mielle
Heat Protectant: Kenra
Foam: Carols Daughter Foam
Style: Barrel Curlformers
Dry: Pibbs


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I'm finally going to straighten my hair. I was supposed to straighten it Thanksgiving a cold took me down.
Tonight I shampooed and doing an overnight DC.
Tomorrow, I will rinse and DC again for a few hours. I will do an oil rinse, air dry, apply my leave-in and twist it up. I might do Bantu knots.

If I get all of that done early enough I will blow dry with my Rev-Air. If not I will wait until Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I will blow dry if I didn't get it done Friday night. I will then flat iron between 300 and 325.

Either Saturday or Sunday I will use my SplitEnder and take care of these ends.


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This is my last wash weekend until the last weekend in this month and I may or may not do anything to my hair. I might be too tired :lol:

This is my regimen this coming Sunday:

-Prepoo with NG Rose Clay, avg, and evoo
-Shampoo - Nairobi Detox Poo
-Shampoo - Keracare Deatngling & Moisturizing Poo
-Protein Treatment - Nairobi Prota-Sil Reconstructor & Strengthening Treatment
-Moisturizing Treatment - Nairobi Humecta-Sil Moisture Replenishing Conditioner
-Leave-in with Redken Extreme Anti-Snap (looks like I may need some Nairobi Leave-in)
-M/S Nairobi Hair & Scalp Daily Moisturizing Hairdress and sealed with Nairobi Vita-Sheen Hairdress
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Finished my hair :yay: It went much faster than I expected.

After applying my leave-in, I let my hair air dry while I ate dinner. I put my hair in sections and before blowing dry I used just a little of the Mane Choice Thermal spray. I sprayed it in my hand so I didn't use too much.

I blow dried with my RevAir on tension 6 and heat setting 2. Because I air dried, it went pretty fast. Since I finished early I figured I would flat iron tonight. I used a little of the Mane
Choice Thermal Serum on each section. I flat ironed on 325.

I will still trim my ends tomorrow so I put my hair in flat twist and bantu knotted the ends. I doubt it will keep any curl though :sad:


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Ever tweaking...

Obias Babassu detangler
Mo's scalp clarifier
Mo's shampoo
Miche's Protein Deep Conditioner
Qhemet's LOC solution for High Porosity Hair:

Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
Castor & Moringa serum
the famous Amla & Olive Heavy Cream

Styler: Camille Rose's Curlmaker gel
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I'm gonna wash and DC my weekend twists for a twist out on Monday and Tuesday.

DD has been rocking straight hair since Nov. 30th...that childs hair can hold a flat iron job like no one else. And she has dance class every day except Sat & Sun! I moisturize her hair and scritch her scalp and pin it every other night. Her roots havent reverted at all yet! I'm only tired of seeing her flinging her mane all over the place. Lol!


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Just applied Henna mask. Sleeping in it and will rinse, DC and twist tomorrow.

DIY oil blend [Avocado oil, emu oil, peppermint oil, fenugreek, amla]
Clarifying Shampoo: Redken Cleansing Cream
Henna mix: 100g Henna, 35g Indigo, amla, coconut milk, water

Aussie Moist to help rinse henna
DC: TGIN Honey Miracle Mask
Twist: Kinky Curly Knot Today, Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Cream, Almond Oil
Dry under hooded dryer, untwist, loosely pineapple and band for some stretch for this week's twist out

Bette Davis Eyes

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Yesterday. Devacurl Buildup Buster on hair closest to scalp that had buildup.

PJN Rosemary Ginger Ayurvedic Serum to finger detangle shed hair out.
Washed with PJN Rice Water Activated Mint Cleanser.
Sat under dryer with Prismax Botox treatment for twenty minutes.

currently air drying slightly and will use the Revlon brush to dry and then attempt to flat iron enough for a length check.

will put hair into two crown braids for the week.


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DC: Nutree Hair Bottox (because it softens my hair and I have nothing else)
Overnight Henna: Henna and coconut milk
Cowash: Cheapie Tresemme Condish
Leave-ins: TGIN green tea and IC fantasia serum
Stretch: ponytail rollerset under softhood for 1.5hrs and then bun


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I've been playing with flexirods this week. I washed my hair and set my hair with eight flexirods, using the "horseshoe method" My hair was still damp the next morning; then went for a massage and couldn't say no to the esthitician (how do you spell facial lady???) massaging my scalp. Soooo yesterday, i said, ok no need to wash hair again, just reset on dry/damp hair.

I used Kreyol Essence hair care line and mouse (I can't think of the name right now) for hold and air-dried overnight.

My thick hair laughed at these flexi rods. But I'm waiting for a hooded dryer to come in the mail so I will try again

It doesn't look bad, just not like a youtube video LOL

I don't think my density can take just 10 rods. I'm going to need a whole head of them for it to come out nice and sleek I think.


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Earlier this afternoon...

Cleanse: Not Your Mother's Sicilian Blood Orange & Black Currant Shampoo
R/O: NYM Sicilian Blood Orange & Black Currant Conditioner
Styler: Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curls Styling Lotion
Dry: Air-dry for a wash n go