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Dec 4, 5 & 6........What are your hair plans?


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Do my 17 minute miracle routine (Joico chelating shampoo, cuticle sealer, K-pak reconstructor, intense hydrator). I just mixed the intense hydrator with biolage cera-repair and EVOO and am currently under the steamer.

I think that if the Mizani Thermasmooth gets here this weekend, I will straighten my hair for a length check.

I will be using the Joico 17 Minute Miracle products also,My hair seems to have fallen for Joico again.


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Today I washed, DCed, Blowdried (i was short on time- usually i let it airdry in braids), and Maxiglided my hair with coconut oil. I wont be doing anything else to it for a while.
I did it mainly so I could put stuff on youtube, lol, but it worked out because I'm now going to be busy from tomorrow until next friday so it worked out well.

Fine 4s

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Remove flat twist (tonight?), pre-poo with coconut oil and wash, DC, moisturize tomorrow and bun.


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Prepoo with EVOO
Shampoo with CoN
DC and detangle hair in the shower
Airdry in 4 braids
Moisturize and seal with EVOO
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epiphany braids

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Honey chile let me tell you!!!

I took out those mico braids and NEVER AGAIN :nono::nono::wallbash::wallbash:

It took me 19 hours no lie to get those darn things out my head and I only got about a 2 hour nap:wallbash::wallbash:

The problem was my hair was as long as the darn human hair so I couldn't cut anything, then it was wet and wavy and knotted a big ol :censored::censored::censored:

ok enough of venting!!!

So after that :evil: hair style, I used a clarifying shampoo, Aphogee 2 min, DC with heat for 30 min and did a wash and set, LOW blow drying on the roots and wrap.


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As soon as I got home from work today:
-pre poo with Tresemme Moisture Rich conditioner
-clarify with Mizani Phormula 7
-shampoo with Redken Real Control
-30 min. DC with Silk Elements Olive Treatment
-Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 for my leave-in
-airdrying in 6 flat twists for a twistout


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I'm going to wash and condition with my new Biosilk shampoo and conditioner. Rollersetting for the first time ever under my new dryer. Pray for me y'all. I did a flexirod set for the first time and it was great. Not too sure about rollersetting.


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I co-washed my hair last night and did the Carusos today. I have big, Diana Ross-lookin hair right now.


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Today I did:
Corrective relaxer
Shampooed w/ neutralizer
Shampooed w/chelator
Shampooed w/Joico Kpak
Aphogee 2 min reconstructor
Kiss Black hair rinse
DC'd w/ Joico Kpak Intense Hydrator
Leave-in Nexxus Humectress
Keracare Setting Lotion
Dried under hair dryer
Removed rollers & Wrap


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My office Christmas party is tonight (Im 23 weeks post and always wear my faithful bantu knot out) so I decided to wash, dc, and flat iron my hair last night for the party. I have pics in my fotki. I will wrap it nightly until my roots revert..lol.

OT: Lucky you, we're not having a party @ our company for the 2nd year in a row. :sad: I'll look @ the bright side though, we still have our jobs and the company gave us a few extra days off so that we could return on January 2nd. :yep: That party we had 2 years ago was the bomb.com though.

I hope you had a great time. :grin: I'll check out your fotki.

Back on topic. I will wash my hair and try out my new Maxiglide this weekend. I'm really hoping that it works out for me.
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La Colocha

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Im going to

Prepoo- coffee butter+hibiscus oil mix
Wash- elucence moisture poo
Condition- califa care condioner
Dc- aowc+jbco
Moisturize and braid- tw mix and hair butter

Miss AJ

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Gettin ready to wash and do an Aphogee treatment, then a light trim and when I wake up I'm gonna put in my first set of box braids!


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tomorrow i will shampoo with black soap and condition with kbb deep conditioner.

sunday i will deep condition with ashlii amala and then braid my hair with shea butter.

Computer Blue

It's only mountains and the sea
My lazy feeling self is about to
keracare super reconstructor tx
positive link dc
rollerset and flat iron roots with salerm 21 B5& sabino
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My scalp is so itchy, I cant wait any longer!

I'm going to do a Hair One "wash"
may follow with elucence MB poo
DC w/ Copolla's Vanilla Bean
salerm 21
roller set


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Sitting right now under hair dryer with cellophanes in deep brunette mixed with red brunette. Going to wash out color, condition/detangle with my new fave Pantene Beautiful Lengths conditioner and then rollerset/flat iron roots using Lacio and NTM serum/ ic heat protectant. NO time for a DC today!


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Well, since I just relaxed my hair bout a week ago, this morning I

1. Washed with Roux Porosity Control
2. Conditioned with Roux Porosity Control and Motions CPR Protein Reconstructor (5 mins under plastic shower cap)
3. DC'd with Alter Ego Hot Oil Treatment Conditioner (15 mins under plastic shower cap)
4. Air drying in a ponytail after putting in a combination of Rusk Smoother, Giovanni Direct Leave-In and John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum


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I just CW'd with Hello Hydration. Applied a ton of coconut oil and a little bit of castor oil and put into a bun to airdry. I'll probably keep this same bun today and tomorrow.


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I'm coming up on 9 weeks post, so it's time for me to be doing my henna treatment this weekend. I'll be doing them every 2 weeks or so, except for at 14 weeks, I'll do a heavy protein.

I will do my henna, then deep condition with steam, then roller set.


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Just left the salon. Got a wash n set.

Poo'd w/ Elucence MB
Deep conditioned w/ Kenra MC
Leave in w/ KBB Hair Nectar

Got roots blown and a doobie.


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I'm 8 wks post w/b 9wks on Tuesday

Condition washed/deep conditoned under a plastic Cap with out Heat for 1 hr with Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner & Joico Silt result Conditioner

Moisturized with S-curl,Poline Softner Moisturizer,Hairveda Whipped Ends Hydration

Seal with Castor Oil,and i let it airdry hanging


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Try to keep my hands out of my hair. This is my hair plan. I've been over-doing it recently.


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Prepoo hot oil treatment with evco for 30 minutes. Will be using hooded dryer
Baking Soda Rinse
Cowashing with v05
moisturizing hair with my evco and putting hair back in large twists. Seal with jbco.

I'm still waiting on my moisturizers. I might twist my hair on Tuesday. I should have the DB by then.


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Pre poo with Mane N Tail/Olive Oil/Egg
Poo with WEN Cucumber
DC with Silicon Mix
Silicon Mix Leave In
Braid or Roller Set and Air Dry


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I'm 3 weeks post. I just picked up the NourishSpa Poo, Tea Tree Triple Treat Poo, Aloe Vera Juice, and Desert Essence Jojoba Oil from Trader Joe's yesterday.

Poo with the NourishSpa

Make a spritz/leave in moisturizer with the AVJ, glycerin, and distilled water

DC with ORS Replenishing
OR add a little glycerin or AVJ to some of these "not so good" conditioners I have in my stash.

Either airdry with two pigtails or do a DLewis fat bun
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