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December 2017: Hits & Misses


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Continued hit:
-KindredButters mango & pumpkin cream deep conditioner. I don’t think anybody really listens to me when I talk about the amount of slip and moisture I get from this DC. I can skip the detangler and the leave-in. It’s love, light and unicorn tears in a jar.:drool:
I hear you sis! Since she's having another sale, I might try it based on your recommendation :).


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Love This! :love2:

But never thought of using it as a Pre-Poo?:scratchchin:
Yes it works really well. My hair was very soft and pliable. Coconut oil is the first ingredient so I figured why not?

I am going to order an ayurvedic coconut oil from Lakshmi's Cupboard eventually to prepoo with. In the meantime, I'll just use my ayurvedic things around here.
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