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December 2020 What Did You Buy This Week?


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Two long loc socks. I’ve been sleeping in a buff, and I love it, but it’s only 19 inches long. Sometimes the tips of my hair hang out and that annoys me. The long loc socks are 24 inches long. They also have some that are 36 inches long, but I don’t want too much extra material.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
1. Henna Sooq's henna (jamila + rajasthani).

I bought the Moroccan one two weeks ago from them - it is not a totally fine sift, sorry to say. It LOOKS fine, and mixing is good too, but unlike really good quality henna's usual way, it feels grainy when applying, and washes out like sand even if left on only for an hour (which my brother did). I'm very experienced with henna (co-washing, etc) so I know this was unusually gritty.
I was afraid I was messing up my hair cuticle. I checked Henna Sooq's USA website, one 2020 review for this moroccan one mentioned exactly this issue, and the company replied saying that because of COVID19, factories have been unable to have as many workers at a time, and it has affected the sift for 2020.

I guess you have to be careful to pre-sift it (idk if this will make a difference, as I didn't try this)
no matter how fine it looks to the naked eye.

I want to suggest to them to please let customers know this on the product page itself, so they KNOW to sift it themselves (which they may not be accustomed to, because usually this brand's are very well-sifted from what I've read) ...
AND to use more emollient bases (like coconut milk) in their recipe if they do not already, this time around, to help mitigate the issue--
Maybe all henna companies, who find this is the case-- if they don't write it up front that this year's covid19 measures made the outcome from the factories, a bit grittier than usual version-
other idea would be lower price point, given the lower quality of sift, causing such issues?

It makes sense, though, to just explain in clear red letters in the description box near the top, so no unpleasant surprises- and customers know to take steps to mitigate the issue ahead of time, when preparing it. Or maybe say it is best for henna designs, since when people make henna cones they normally sift the powder no matter what - plus, there is no risk of skin being damaged like hair strands are damaged, from friction with fine gritty particles, in application and rinsing out.

I do not know if any of this is appropriate to write on a forum - please let me know if not (as I'm critiquing the company in a way, though it's constructive)>

So I hope these 2 I bought this week will be better. Jamila must be since the website (Canadian) said it was the 2019 batch (so pre-covid19)-- therefore the reason for the poor sift of the other henna (that Henna Sooq explained to the reviewer on their USA website which as I said they need to put in the main description box), would not apply.
I will sift them both a few times myself too, just to be safe.

2. (Will return this) Shea moisture's 100% raw "shea butter." This is nonsense. Unusually awful. I think it has some kind of wax mixed in and they just don't say it in the label, for the way it beads up and doesn't melt completely no matter what you do, everything reminds me of how it is when I tried to make mixes from beeswax+ oil, years ago (and failed) It exfoliates more than it moisturizes. Expired? It was very expensive, too. I know with natural products one has to be patient, but nothing is going to work here. I read bad reviews of it mentioning the crazy bead-like consistency, that barely melts, so I know it's not just a one-off.

3. NOW Shea butter - Just as good as any shea butter normally is, works great on damp hair.

4. Styling putty by Alfredo whatever - it was the cheapest styling putty and has really poor reviews. I'll see how it goes.