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December 2020 What Did You Buy This Week?


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Most favourite product ever: ic Fantasia aloe vera gel! This stuff helped my hair a ton!!

(I could not remember the brand name to repurchase but I knew where to go for it.

I didn't for so long because I was convinced I had it hidden away somewhere ....today I remembered my child had emptied it months ago).

This helped my hair grow from jaw length last year) to shoulder length (this March 2020 but I chopped it off by the end of March after irreparable damage from something else).
Used it with MCT oil nonstop till my little one got to it.

Scurl activator blue and white bottle based on forum posts here

Joico Hydrator (hair mask) - on sale! Excited to try this. I have finished many bottles of the resconstructor in the past ... unsure if it was helpful enough to warrant all the repurchases... buT unlike most items of this kind it didn't irritate my skin ...hope this is the same


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Just caught Curls and Potions 24-minute sale with 61% discount sitewide:

Angel's Growth Serum (2x)
Chebe Growth Rice Water
Supreme Curl Detox
Blends Scalp Potion
Thirsty Hair Revitalizing Tea
Supercharged Moisture Mist
Chebe Clay Wash

...paid $18 total. :)


Natural, 3abc/4a, Fine, medium density
Sirod Naturals:
2x Fenugreek Cleansing Conditioner
1x Aloe & Okra Repair Conditioner
1x Black Rice Growth Spray

In my cart:

Wheat protein
Oat protein

Bulk Apothecary:
Cedarwood EO
Clary Sage