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Same here. I'm posting from my phone because I can't get the reply box on my computer.

Glad to know it's not just me.


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If you mean that people are quoting you and you can't see what they quoted, it may be that they deleted what they actually quoted. Before I installed that switcher extension, I would quote a post and then edit it. For whatever reason, you can't actually add a reply to a quote until you've already posted it. Sometimes the quote would include the message that I actually quoted, and sometimes I would just grab the closest post and edit out the original quote, because I was just looking for a way to reply, since the reply box is not working right now.

Is that what you're referring to?

No, other people respond to a post and then I all see is the quote. :(


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Yeah, that's because they post the quote in order to edit the post. So, you have to quote someone just to get a box that you can edit. So, they post, and then they probably spend a minute typing out what they actually want to post. If you refresh the page, you'll sometimes see that the quote is completely gone, or they've added a response to the quote. In the mean time, you're just looking at the quote, because they're still editing the post.

Ah okay, thank you!


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I've tried 3 different browsers on my computer, and in each one of them, the reply box has disappeared. I've tried disabling browser extensions and everything. I've had to resort to using my tablet t o post anything. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I was yesterday on my desk top, today on my cell seems to be okay.