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Derms Talk Hair -- A Series


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Hi everyone,
Apparently, August is Hair Loss Awareness Month and some Black dermatologists on Instagram have done some "lives" discussing hair loss. I have only watched Parts 3 and 5 so far and thought they were informative and worthy of being shared. In an effort to contribute more to the forum, I am linking all parts of the series here.

Derms Talk Hair- A Series

Part 1 : Dr. Hope Mitchell with Dr. Yolanda Lenzy

Part 2: Dr. Hope Mitchell with Dr Nokubonga Khoza
Bonus video?
Dr Nokubonga Khoza With Dr. Hope Mitchell

It looks like this one happened before the one I listed above but the one above is “officially” Part 2.

Part 3 Dr. Yolanda Lenzy with Dr. Achamiah Osei-Tutu

Part 4: Dr. Hope Mitchell with Dr. Bobbi Edwards

Part 5: Dr. Hope Mitchell with Dr. Chesahna Kindred

Part 6: Dr. Yolanda Lenzy with Dr. Crystal Aguh

Hope you find one or more of these helpful.

Edited to add link to Part 6
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