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Describe Your Dream Stylist


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I am still searching for my dream stylist but I wanted to mention the things that I am looking for in a dream stylist and invite you to list what you would like in a dream stylist. Also, there are dreams and there are realities. If you believe that you have found a good stylist please list their name and salon (esp. if you are in the NYC area, LOL!).

Look forward to hearing your responses. Here are mine

-No I have not found a "dream" or even good stylist.

What I am looking for
*Someone who is SECURE IN THEIR ABILITIES AS A HAIRSTYLIST. I cannot tell you how important this it. It's important because I will need her to not be afraid to teach me how to take care of my own hair and honestly tell me about products that will work for my hair. I can't tell you how annoying it is to go to stylists who charge RIDICULOUS sums of money and then refuse to tell me about what products I can use at home (just come to the salon and let me wash your hair for you, blah, blah, blah) or are deliberately vague about products or try to push their own products on me. My pet peeve are "celebrity" stylists who make their own products that are just slightly better than drugstore brands (I can tell by the ingredients) but bumpteen times more expensive!

*Someone who is truly into healthy hair and not just into my having hair that "looks" healthy when I leave the salon.

* Someone who is not only going to be good to my hair during my first trip, but will continue to do good by my hair throughout all of my visits.

*Someone who is not SH.

*Someone who gives me the same attention and respect as she would give to a celebrity client, a friend, a relative or a longtime client. The last stylist I went to was talking to someone else while giving me a relaxer and my scalp burned!

*Someone who knows how to properly apply a relaxer and will not skip steps to save money when doing a relaxer -- i.e. use all steps of the Affirm system.
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Me with extra long arms that can go any direction and a eyes in the back of my head so that I can trim the back of my head without fear.


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* Available any day, any time working only on my head at one time
* Able to relax, color, trim, and style my hair just the way I want it
* Into healthy hair (meaning she has a full head of it herself) and styles that don't just require heat
* Inexpensively priced!
* In a clean, modern shop that's very close to me
* Uses good, high quality products that I like


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I don't have any characteristics for a dream stylist...I refuse to go to anymore stylists, so I guess it would suffice to say that I wish I could learn to cornrow/frenchbraid my own hair, because I know how to do just about everything else, including relaxing and coloring. I guess one day I hope to be my own dream stylist! :)


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karezone said:
Me with extra long arms that can go any direction and a eyes in the back of my head so that I can trim the back of my head without fear.
:lol: Same here!

In the meantime...

I'd like to go to the salon for relaxers and braids, but I always have problems. My dream stylist is someone who...

Is Honest!

Is mainly into healthy hair

Doesn't overlap with relaxers!

Doesn't take my hair out with braids (It grows when I braid it myself)

Takes the time to get to Know and understand my hair, especially my weak spots.

Evenly relaxes my hair all over without over processing it.

Isn't scissor happy, but does suggest when I need a trim.

Is a pro at relaxing, coloring, cutting, and styling.

Tells me every product she's using on my hair and explains the benefits or what it does when I ask.

Believes the amount of time between relaxers depends on your hair type and condition. So many stylists have told me that I MUST get mine relaxed every 4 weeks! Too much! I've learned that every 8 weeks and no more than 10 is enough for me. Anything longer than that, I better wear braids!

Doesn't just believe in keeping her (or his) own hair long and healthy, but mine too. I've been to a couple of stylists who have long and healthy hair, yet they damage mine just to keep me coming back to them. Not only that, but then have the nerves to push their products off on me charging me a fortune trying to convince me that if I buy this or that from them my hair will improve.

Doesn't help to grow my hair long and healthy, then start making it fall out, and blame it on me only to keep me dependent on them. I've seen and heard of this before too.

And one last thing... One who is usually on time and doesn't start moving from salon to salon or switching to crazy days and hours. A stylist should make it convenient for her clients, not make you have to hunt her or him down!


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My dream stylist

* Listens to my concerns
* Is ready for me at the scheduled time
* Does not tell me I need to relax my hair to get a certain style (I will not be stupid and ask for the style if I know it won't work for my hair)
* If I am placed under the dryer, she is ready for me when I am dry, and not an hour later
* Asks if I would like a trim before cutting
* Does not gossip about everybody (what does she say about me when I leave)
* Shows concern for being the person who did my hair ( I have seen to many women walk out of a salon looking worse than when they came in)
* Charges a reasonable price

I am sure there is more but since I have not been to a stylist in so long that is all I can think of now.


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ITA with everything you all are saying. Now if I could only learn to braid and relax my own hair, I think that I would be set. Those of you who can do it, how did you learn?


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*knows not to tear through my new growth with a rat tail comb
*confident in themselves and their work but not OVERLY confident
*creative stylist. i like to change up my look occasionally
*knows to match personality with styles. nothing worse than a style you arent comfortable in because its not "you"
*is looking out for my hair's health and not just to make that quick buck
*i need to feel comfortable talking to them.