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Diet For Hair Growth Challenge

Does diet and physical activity/massage really help your hair grow faster?

I can't believe there's not another thread like this! I think it would be fun to start a challenge where we modify what we eat/drink/supplement/exercise to have some anecdotal evidence once and for all! It's also a great place to collect mini-reviews of methods and vitamins out there for our other readers and lurkers.

Please join me?!

Challenge months: May 2015 to August 2015 (for now. Might extend it)


In your introductory post, follow this format.

Hair type: type 4C, fine to medium hair thickness (.05 to .1 mm), high porosity
Current length: different lengths all over, longest section at 4.5 inches
Current hair & scalp quality: split ends & some mid-shaft ends an inch from ends, very fine hair at the crown, sensitive scalp
Typical rate of growth and retention: Hair grows 1/4 inch per month and I don't retain anything after hair gets to 6 - 7 inches.
Goal by August: Growing 3/4" per month, trimming 1/4" per month or every other month. Longest section of hair will be atleast 7 inches long, crown will be thicker.
Diet & Activity goals: Higher intake of leafy greens, higher intake of PLANT-based protein (nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains), drink more water, more weight lifting, daily scalp massage, maybe inversion method
Current Supplements: Megafood Hair Skin Nails (3x a day), L-cysteine 500mg (3x a day), Cod Liver Oil (1 - 3 tsp a day), Vitamin D 1,000 IU (1.5 sprays per day)
Current Exercise: Aerial dance & yoga, 2x a week
Current Regimen: Weekly: search & destroy trimming, hot oil pre-poo, shampoo, protein treatment, leave-in

Give updates as needed!
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Diet and exercise definitely increases your hair growth. Exercise gets your heart pumping and distributing blood and oxygen where your body needs it, including the scalp! Eating right will make sure you have the right nutrients so your hair growth doesn't suffer the consequences of malnutrition.


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It should be. I increased my protein intake and water intake. That lil patch of dried up corn patch in the back of my head finally changed course. It is growing and maintains moisture now. A nice side effect. Hope more people get interested. I'm too busy to participate right now.


I can join yall. I need to be consistent about eating vegetables, protein ans drinking water. For the last 3 weeks I have averaged 100 grams of protein daily and my nails and hair are thriving.

I will check in probably about once a week. I will do my initial post later.


Today I pre logged all of my food and I am at 1487 calories. That includes my Skinny cow ice cream sandwich :evilbanana:

Now I just need to find some time to workout and then wash my hair.


I'm joining as well I need something like this . I recently noticed some length difference in my hair and I wanna just make sure that it was my diet that played some part of it not just protective styling. I think I was eating alot of greens , fruits and taking my vitamin consistently at the time. This will be my first challenge yaaaaay here I go:trampoline:

Hair Type: I don't really know the typing of it I'm thinking 4A and maybe 4C in the front (thats the part with some weird tryna be curl pattern going on but not really curly like its flat ) its somewhat heat damaged (got my hair pressed and flat ironed 2x last August), some places are definitely heat damaged and I know i will have to trim off. My strand thickness is fine, breaks easily especially when wet, i believe i have normal porosity but not really sure someone says my hair soaks up alot of product fast so it may be high. To me the density of my hair is medium.

Current length: Different lengths all over as well, but when i stretch my longest layer in the back its about 1/4- 1/2 inches past the crease of my armpit so I'm thinking shoulder-armpit not really sure my hair is currently braided as i am wearing wigs right now and I won't be taking it down until the 1st week of June.

Current hair and scalp quality : scalp is normal, lately on the itchy side but normally don't have any issues. Hair is somewhat heat damaged last time i ran through my hair i did see some spit ends did't see any midshaft splits but i didn't check it throughly as I was rushing to get my hair braided lol and very fine and soft hair in the bottom back of my head.

Typical growth rate and retention : Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month for me I don't really retain anything maybe 1 or 2 inches a year my hair really doesn't like to be combed,brushed,finger combed or redone constantly and I am now just finally understanding this :crybaby:so many lost inches.

Goal by August: I'd hope to grow at least 3/4- 2 inch of hair and retain all of it that would be a great birthday present esp if i got to full apl been trying to get there for yeaaaaarrrsss.

Diet and Activity Goals: I'm increasing my water intake by consistently drinking half my body weight in water i usually get 7 or 8 cups, minimum will b 640z but right now I am aiming to get to 1190z will adjust as my weight changes. Increase my consumption of vegetables and green leafy veggies, eating them with the majority of my meals and snacking on them often. I think I will eat vegetables 0-1x a day now, will be to up that to 2-4xs a day. Also eating healthy fats and protein like eggs, nuts and avocado about 1x-3x a day. With a protein shake when i don't have time to eat or if i can't make up my mind of what I would like to eat. Will continue to go to cycling class minimum 3x a week, will introduce yoga and or strength training as well.

Current Supplement: GNC Ultra Mega Women's Vitamin , coconut coffee(just started, only mentioned may or may not have an effect on my hair)

Current Exercise : Cycling class 3x/week, Yoga maybe 1-2x/week (just started),

Current Regimen : weekly; shampoo and deep condition hair 30min-4hours 1x/week (braided up usually for 6 0r 7 weeks or braided in plaits for 2 weeks), spray with moisturizer as needed(used to seal with oil as well but now i just do that sparingly as I have gotten lazy but also am trying t to keep my hands out out of my hair started putting oil in my spray bottle) grease lately dry scalp when needed. when i remember i would spray with that keratin spray I got from Sally's the name escapes me at the moment. If i feel needed , which is not often co-wash/water rinse hair after intense cycling class.

last note: my hair is currently braided in a beehive I'll take pics after I take it down the 1st week of June and measure it too

Sooo excited needed to be accountable of veggie intake been slippin' lately