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Difference between Honey and Molasses (Humectants)?


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Just curious to know if I should expect the same or different results from the use of honey or molasses in my mix with conditioners.

When I used the honey (mixed w/conditioner), the curls were SO pretty!
When I used the molasses (mixed w/conditioner), the curls were not so pretty as with the honey.

I could contribute the different results to the differences in what I did prior to using each product. The night before I used the honey, I used my growth spritz and tied my hair down and went to bed. I believed I used some TJ Nourish with the honey for the brief condition rinse that morning.

This morning, I used the molasses with some Tigi Moisture Maniac and condition rinsed. The curls/coils were not as defined.... I should add that the night before I used the growth spritz and then added some Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner and wore a plastic cap to bed. (I know, probably overkill again, huh?)

One reason that I switched from the molasses to the honey was because I read that honey lightens the hair. I am not interested in lightening my hair at this time.

Is the outcome based on the type of conditioner I used? Is it based on what I did to my hair the night before? Or something else?

Thanks in advance for some guidance....


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I'm guessing it's because molasses has a thicker consistency than honey, so it may have weighed your curls down.


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I have read from other people's accounts that molasses can make your curls stringier than honey. It is true that honey will lighten your hair, depending upon your sun exposure. I have been using molasses for months because it was less expensive, and also to ward off hair lightening. I bought some cheap honey last week though, so now I'm back to honey. Enough people have noticed that there is a difference between molasses and honey (from a texture persepective, not from a humectant persepctive) that I believe them. I don't think I really notice the difference though, honestly, although I've only been looking at them for the moisture benefits.


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I Love the way my curls looked after using Honey in my conditioner but I just hated that it made my Jet Black hair LOOK ashy brown over time & it made my hair soft too. I just used Honey from the farmers market.


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I want to try molasses because I need it to weigh my curls down a little because my hair is so thick and curly, plus I love softness.