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This is EXACTLY what I was whining about last night and why I was going to start doong my own relaxers because stylists do NOT want to take the time to do 1 section first another section third and another section last, if they are not in the 4 little quadrants they like to put them in.

:yep:ITA with the bolded. When I was natural my varying textures were very obvious. My crown area is a strong, thick, 3c I think (not kinky, more silky), grows quickly and easily retains length. My sides are a somewhat finer 4b, my nape is a fine, dry, tightly coiled and kinky 4a. Wash and go's were out of the question, it only worked with lots of product and the hair had to stay wet or damp otherwise it did not look right.

Overall though I found that my hair looked really beautiful in a twist-out and the different textures somehow blended quite nicely. I got lot of compliments on my twist-outs. I just let the wash n go dream die. I could only wash n go easily when I was at the twa stage.

I used the same products on all of my hair but found I used more product on the 4 hair and I had to handle the 4 hair more gently than the 3ish hair. If you really want to be natural again I think you should give it a try, maybe the second time around will be easier, it was for me. The first time I was natural for just 5 or 6 months, the second time I lasted almost 2 1/2 years.
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