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Discontinued Products Hall of Fame


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Losing these two make me want to cry--:(

Pantene Relaxed and Natural Breakage Defense Mask Deep Conditioning


Dove Advanced Care Sheer Moisture Leave-In Replenishing Mist

I still have some of both! I bought the Dove when a store was closing for $.99/bottle and I just added a jar of the mask to a care package yesterday!


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When I founf out Miss cool 5 min setting lotion was bein discontinued I went to 2 beauty supply stores and bought then all up I still have a bottle and a half, there is nothing like It.:lick:


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Loreal Vive in the orange container. I LOVED THIS STUFF.

I used this back in the day when they first introduced this stuff and it kept allllll frizzies at baby.

Pour out a little licka'

L`Oreal Vive Conditioner Smooth Intense


This was my mothers and I holy grail!! I was a daily swimmer and it had my hair smooth and shiny... A moment of silence for the departed :drunk: Why do they D/C my favorites!?!


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I'll add a soon-to-be-discontinued product: Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac Conditioner.

This stuff is amazing. It's a stand-alone product (no mixing required), so it gets my vote for that alone. It really infuses moisture into my hair and it's great at detangling. Plus, it is cone-free. I have two bottles already, but I'm looking for more.

I have it on on auto ship from Amazon until...Well the end :cry2::cry2:
I'm going to stop liking things, Because they sho will pull the rug from under you!!! Ugh!!!

BTW: If you get it on auto ship it comes to say $11.00 and free shipping!!I <3 Amazon prime!!


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Ooohh...I just remembered another one. Perfect for Perms hair oil--original formula. This was like perfume for your hair. In fact, it smelled an awful lot like Angel. I don't know if the new formula (which isn't new because it's been that way for at least 10 years now) just smells different, but I felt like it was greasier than the original, which went on light and had sooo much sheen! Just wrong.


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Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Spray- This was the holy grail spray moisturizer. Nothing compared to it not Scurl, care free curl-nothing! First they changed the formula, then it disappeared altogether.

Mane n Tail Detangler-They changed the formula and the new one isn't half as effective as the original.

Breakthru Shampoo:nono:


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avede elixir--dumb move aveda.
i haven't used anything from that company since.

i really hate when things are discontinued..that is why when i buy 1 and usually buy 2 of the same items..when i can i just buy the whole row. i definitely believe in stock piling.
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I have it on on auto ship from Amazon until...Well the end :cry2::cry2:
I'm going to stop liking things, Because they sho will pull the rug from under you!!! Ugh!!!

BTW: If you get it on auto ship it comes to say $11.00 and free shipping!!I <3 Amazon prime!!

They carry this at Target


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Anyone remember Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Coco-Almond moisturizing shampoo?

That stuff was bomb. Left my hair silky, moisturized and tangle free.


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The one DC i was so faithful and loyal too

the one who brought each hair on my little head happiness

last year i had to say good bye too U

yes.......... the old Elasta dp dpr-11:nono: :lick::lick:

OOOh why do that to me Elasta qp???

why i still ask.......... :cry2::cry2::crying3:



Beverly Ann Properties

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Komaza Care Califia Care Conditioner. I just called the company and the lady explained why the product was discontinued. They needed to have one product that could be used on all types of natural hair; therefore they formulated an olive oil type conditioner. Komaza Care said they would send me samples of their new conditioner.


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Anybody remeber Extend A Perm?

It died a slow death. They no longer make it anymore but there are some places who are trying to rid themselves of the supply. The stuff actually worked but the timing of when it was introduced was wrong. People weren't into stretching perms back then nor were people going natural. Many sistas were not educated about their hair etc. Had this product been introduced today, I'm thinking it would have done well!


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I much preferred the old formula. Plus, I could use it when the air got drier/cooler because there were no humectants. It had really great ingredients. Just looking at it, the new formulation isn't bad really, but the good stuff is watered down thanks to cetareth-20, cetrimonium bromide and propylene glycol. To me, it doesn't have the same moisturizing and detangling ability the old one had.

Old ingredients:

Pure distilled water, wheat germ, indian hemp olive oil, balsam, aloe vera, bee pollen, silk protein, bay laurel, fruit bioflavonoids, ancient african herbal formula.

New ingredients:

Water, propylene glycol, cetearth-20,cetrimonium bromide,wheat germ, indian hemp, olive oil, balsam, aloe vera, bee pollen, silk amino acid, bay laurel, dmdm hydantion, fragrance

halee_J, dang! I love this stuff! First YTCc, now this! Why me? *dramatic soap opera sob while clutching chest*

They are making it hard for a natural haired girl who wants to use natural products.

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1. Creme of Nature Shampoo - ALL the Original Formulas
2. Original Formula of Goldwell Kerasilk Conditioner
3. Miss Cool's 5 Minute Fast Set Setting Lotion
4. And all the bazillion products I have fallen in love with only to have the company change up the formula on me...THIS is what has made me a product junkie!
4. OK..gotta throw in a food item too...don't remember the name of it but when I was little, there used to be this Cup o' Spaghetti they used to sell....same concept as Cup o' Soup. Add hot water, let it sit and BAM spaghetti! I used to eat it DAILY lol
I still see the miss cool, I wonder if it's the same thing?


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Rest in Peace

This. I retained so much thickness with this shampoo because it minimized tangles.

Old school heavy cholesterol. Can't remember who made it, but all the cholesterol I buy now feels watery in comparison.

Surge is no more? What happened?


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Surge 14-gave me awesome growth. i still have one bottle left of my precious that i've been holding on to.

I was beginning to wonder as i scrolled through the posts how noone mentioned this. I only managed to use 1 bottle when it became extremely popular and the hair forum ladies were buying them in bulk. This gave me an inch growth in less than 3wks. Awesome product i say.......:sad: i can't see why it was discontinued.