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Do you blog? Read blogs? Let's start a Blogroll!


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xanga is a GREAT blogging resource, i've been blogging for 6 years there on that site!

i'm thinking of starting another one, devoted strictly to hair.
i loved xanga in high school. i need to go back and read those blogs...lol
Blog Title: the country life of dlewis
Blog Address: in my siggy
What type of blog is it? food and my life
One line that summarizes the blog: my life

Blog Title: K.I.S.S.

Blog Address: http://www.keepitsimplesista.blogspot.com

What type of blog is it? [gossip? hair?]: Hair

One line that summarizes the blog: Keep it simple steps to healthy hair

Blog Title: Queering of Bourgie Black America
Blog Address:
What type of blog is it? [gossip? hair?]: Personal blog, I discuss everything to from my personal life, critique the ridiculousness that goes on in the world, analyze current events...a little bit of everything.
One line that summarizes the blog: Mildly offensive but so intriguing you can't help but to read it.
love these all.

here is my blog:
From Sassy to Classy
hair, makeup, fashion from my perspective
i never was good at one-liners.


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I have a knitting blog that I don't post to often enough
Title: Knitensity
Address: knitensity.blogspot.com
type: knitting and crochet


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Ooh, ooh, I'm a blogger too! :yep:

Blog Title: Gurl Let Me Tell You...
Blog Address: www.glmtu.blogspot.com
What type of blog is it? My musings and ramblings, starting to lean towards natural health care

One line that summarizes the blog: If you need a laugh with some laid back sistas this is the place to get it - and you might just learn something along the way.

Surfer Girl

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title:I am the me I make myself to be


type of blog:life, daily rants.

summary: Just every day one day at a time. Well not all days, but some.

Hey, did you know you could send your blogger entries via cell phone?? I sent my last few from my blackberry.
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Blog Title: Nudiemuse Daily Nattering.
Blog Address: http://nudemuse.org/blogger.html
What type of blog is it? [gossip? hair?]: Personal. I talk about politics, do beauty reviews, give sex advice, talk about sex, fat politics and body politics in general, the occasional rant or book review. Coming up soon I've got some awesome features to add.
One line that summarizes the blog: I talk a lot.