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Do you dream about your hair at night?


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OMG! :lachen: I never saw this thread, I just had a dream about my hair last night. I had a dream that I self texlaxed for the first time and I was all in the mirror admiring my hair. It was so crazy because I was like "Oh yes, I'm 30% texlaxed any my curls look like smooth waves now.In my dream I left my hair out to air dry and went to sleep. I was mad at myself when i woke up (for real, not in the dream) because I didnt put on my satin cap. :lachen:
I actually had a hair dream last night. I am so embarrassed. I don't remember much of the dream all I know is that I was trying to part my hair with my fingers while it was wet. I was hip length :p. I have calmed down so much in regard to hair length or so I thought.


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I'm sorry but the title of this thread made me :lachen: but I did have a hair dream last week. I dreamt that my mother pressed my hair with a hot comb and then it didn't revert and I was mad at her. :look:


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klb120475 said:

This made me laugh so hard. Not the first quote but the second. :lachen: :lachen:

I have never dreamed about my hair, but if I did it would probably be a nightmare.:ohwell:


KiniKakes said:
I have bad dreams, about going in for a dusting and getting like 3" cut off my hair. The dreams are so vivid and disturbing that i wake up shaken and upset.... and soooo happy to find out that it's just a dream. :lol:

I also dream about having thick, layered, tail bone length hair and being at my 10-year high school reunion (coming up in November). There are several versions of this dream (lol). In one version, im meeting up with a former frenemy at her house, and i arrive from out of town wearing a big hat. So she has no idea that my hair is long and gorgeous underneath (totally different from my hair in high school, thin and short). Then i take off the hat and my hair pours out.... its long and bouncy and thick. Frenemy is staring at my hair, with her mouth open, and wondering if it's real. I smile and act casual, no excessive hair tossing or anything else that might reveal that this is still all "new" to me. I am pleasant and sweet, and we go on to the reunion, where i am sweated all night long. :lachen:

Yeah, im sick. :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lachen::lachen::lachen:That's a good dream!


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I had 2 dreams about my hair. In the first one, my mom put a relaxer in my hair and I was so mad because it took my so long to grow out my natural hair.

In the 2nd dream, I stretched a piece of my hair and realized that I was at brastrap length and hadn't noticed because I always wore my hair up in a puff. I woke up wishing that last one was real. :lol:


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Before I discovered LHCF I would once in a while dream that my hair was silky tailbone length hair. When I woke up and realized that I still had my damaged, chewed-up ends, mid-neck length hair, I'd be PISSED. Now, if I had that same dream it wouldn't bother me because I now know that if I'm very patient, I can attain tailbone length hair (eventually):)


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I had a dream last night that my hair was midback, thick, but I hadn't combed it in like 2 weeks. It looked like Diana Ross's hair. BLOWDRYED all the way out. People kept telling me to comb it and I just kept on about my merry way, going to work and everything. :lol:


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I once had a very disturbing NIGHTMARE
about my hair. In the nightmare, I was
looking at my hair in the mirror and it
was long a beautiful, it was perfect but when
I began to lift it up I started to notice red
scabs and then all of a sudden the skin off my
scalp began sprouting like a pineapple. It
wasn't cute it was gross because there were
red scabs, and it was my scalp that looked like
the top of a pineapple. It was one of the scarriest
most graphic dreams I've ever had in my
life. I feel uneasy just thinking about it.
I don't know if it was something I ate or
something I put in my hair, something I watched
before I went to sleep, but for
a few weeks I couldn't get the image out
of my mind.


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Unfortunately, I've had a lot of dreams about my hair falling out. Actually, I wouldn't consider that a dream at all. That's a nightmare!


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I had 1 dream and 1 nightmare about my hair two nights in a row. In the first dream I got my hair texturized and it was so long, curly and beautiful like Trace Ellis Ross hair. The nightmare was so horrible I won't describe it because i don't wanna jinx my hair.