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Do You Use A Rinse Out Conditioner And If So When?


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Since becoming natural, I don’t need a strong protein treatment. So I use the ApHogee 2 Min as my R/O after I shampoo. I still follow up with a deep conditioner.

Over the last 6-8 months, I decided to alternate weekly with the Joico K-Pak R/O.

~~~~~ In Depth ~~~~
To avoid snags when detangling when I shampoo... I finger detangle when rinsing out my shampoo and I use my detangling brush when rinsing out my R/O.
I use the protein R/O prior to a moisture treatment and I use the K-Pak prior to my henna gloss treatment. The K-Pak balances out the henna and the Aphogee ensures I still get a protein treatment at least 2x a month.

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Both of these are fantastic! Especially for naturals! I don’t see naturals using or mentioning these products often. I recommend basically what you do to my natural friends and clients who just need a lil somethin, and not anything major like the ApHogee 2 step. I use these similarly myself!:D
Since becoming natural, I don’t need a strong protein treatment. So I use the ApHogee 2 Min as my R/O after I shampoo.

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I have not used a rinse out since my TWA days, but I need to get back on it! While a shampoo and a DC has done wonders for my hair health, it is tedious and I need a good rinse out for wash days when I just don't have the time to do a full routine.

I just bought the Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner to test out (I've been wanting to try it out anyways) and I'll be looking into some SSI rinse outs.


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Tonight used a R/O after Cleansing and B4 my Protein Rx to test that method. I will do it the next coupla' wash days for research purposes.

I normally use my R/O after my DC'ing Session if necessary.

Will sleep in my Moisture Rx and Rinse in the a.m. Originally, I was going to steam with it.


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Update on my rinse out trials: It's been really successful with the Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. I've been able to do two wash days midweek in under an hour! This is perfect as I've been looking to have a shortened routine when I don't have time to do a full DC. Another pro of having a rinse out is being able to have a quick pre-poo option when necessary, so I can shorten my "full wash day" routine.


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Do you regularly use a rinse out conditioner ? At what step in your routine do you? If you dont, why?

I was doing some thinking and I realized in the past, I regularly used rinse out conditioners and now I dont.

I go straight to deep conditioning after rinsing my cleanser out. My hair was healthier back then but then again I also washed my hair every 3 days, I dont do that anymore because frankly Im lazy.

Revisiting some things and decided to see what yall are currently doing

Even with the more or less frequent than usual wash days...

I'm currently experimenting using RO conditioners as Pre-Wash detangling agents.

The slip they provide is great for removing the tangles/matted roots/snarls and excessive shed hair.

When I do use shampoo, I usually use a protein/strengthening treatment, protein/moisture balancing DC, or just a dc/masque then proceed to styling products.

When I'm using an actual cleansing conditioner (a co-wash product with real cleansing ingredients)?

Depending on my hair, I may/may not follow up with a RO or DC.

Sometimes, I just use a Co-Wash (actual cleansing agents), & then use a leave-in &/or styling product.


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When I was natural I always used my conditioner as a leave in to make my hair coils clump together. Now that I’m relaxed I use it as a rinse out and use a separate leave in afterwards as part of my dressing.