Does Anyone Know Of A Good Bible Believing Church In Or Near Vincennes, Indiana

Discussion in 'Christian Fellowship' started by newgrowth15, Sep 19, 2017.

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    A friend of mine recently gave his life to Christ and needs to grow in Christ and fellowship with other believers. I help as much as I can long distance, but he should have people who are close in proximity as well. It is extremely important that whatever church he attends teaches the WHOLE counsel of God and not just certain parts. This church must study and teach the importance of relying on God's word for truth, correction, doctrine and instruction in righteousness. Also of major importance, this church must be filled with people who are filled with the LOVE of Jesus Christ. My friend was born and raised in a Muslim country, so he will experience Christ through the people he encounters . Prayerfully God will send help for my friend very soon. Thank you for your recommendations in advance.

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