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Does anyone remember...


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... a thread where a someone had gone to one of the islands where the women have beautiful hair, and she interviewed them about their hair? It seems like I remember one of the comments being that a lady opens B5 capsules and puts them in her conditioner. Anyone recall this or was I having an LHCF daydream? :)

I asked a lady about this at Whole Foods, and she seemed to think that you could use Silica (like the Jarrow's BioSil) in your conditioner.

Any thoughts?



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I don't remember but that sounds like 2006....thats when people were talking a lot about putting things in your conditioner. People were talking about putting BC in conditioner too back then but I guess they needed it for more important things:giggle:

maybe limit your search to before 2007/late 2006???
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