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Does Anyone Use A Wooden Comb?


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If so, do you notice a diffence? I read somewhere in a diary from a slave girl that these were best for black hair. I can kinda see how it would be nice :) Thoughts? I’m trying to combat my breaking in any way possible.
I actually just ordered one and will edit my post if I use it.

EDIT: I ended up chickening out and cancelling my order since I have always finger detangled... Sorry about that!
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Yes, they are great.
I think hairsense ? is where I bought them? I just bought a few more the other day.

I was going to suggest these. Although they aren't actually wooden, they are made from 100% organic resin that can be handcarved, polished and polished to look like it(this is fresh on my mind because I just got a set in the mail for mini me this past week and the owner always puts in a insert of what they are and why she makes them). I have been using these for a little over a decade and consider them a staple. I have broken like 3 of them in all this time and it was from stuff like like accidently slamming in the car door. They never break or get damaged while using them. Outside of those out-of-the-ordinary goofs my set looks brand new. Makes good gifts too. Worth every penny. I hope she never stops making these but if she does I have my every day set, a back up set, and when someone likes one of my combs I will get them their own.

She sells a few items in her inventory on ebay too. I go to ebay if I need to replace just one comb that matches what she has listed there(the full inventory isn't usually listed on ebay). I go to her website when I am buying $75+ or more or need a comb that isn't listed on ebay. The service and turn around is pretty much the same on her site or ebay.

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My new favourite comb is a wooden comb I got at a hair fair. I only got it because the teeth were different. They are double rowed and sort of inter weave in a pattern that I don't have. The woman who sold it said that it helps the hair to glide preventing breakage and it's made of sandalwood. The only thing I have to remember is to keep it away from water which means I only use it on my hair when I'm only using oils.


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I own one and used it a few times while my hair was flat ironed, haven't tried it when my hair is curly or to detangle or anything like that.


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*bunp* I’m seriously looking to try a wood comb or brush I know the twerk or bass wood brushes were popular at one point but I never tried


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Anyone? I’m iso a good one to buy. I’ve heard wonderful things about their benefits.

UPDATE! I ended up buying a wide tooth wood comb from Neter Gold. Yes! It’s black owned. I saved $9! I’m happy.
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