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Aka Giveme D’Monee
Sybil is back at it again :lachen:
I swear when I look at the picture I see one thing, but when I feel it with my hands I see something else. The picture says it looks like it’s growing in patchy, but my fingers say those are actual curls...ish

Welcome back you crazy chick. I missed you. C5FAC749-C5B4-4BFD-8E63-73C98EF83C75.jpeg


Aka Giveme D’Monee
Why am I doing this to myself :cry3::lachen:
I know I don’t have the time or patience to do them correctly but I want some hair doggone it :laugh:

I’ve resized this picture multiple times and yet it still insists on being sideways ugh.


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Aka Giveme D’Monee
March........................... July
Still surprises me how fast (to me) it’s growing. Olly multis+Zinc, Surge Jr spray, and trying to submerge myself every 3 days. I try to stay consistent as possible, but y’all know if someone told me “be consistent or die” I’ll be singing Boys II Men “End of the Road”. :lachen::abducted:


Aka Giveme D’Monee
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Any tips on the regrowth of edges is most welcome :D.
Already using JBCO, but not being consistent unfortunately :look:.​
Oh, and I forgot to mention Zinc. I happened to come across a video of a lady’s edges taking a vacation. She panicked and called her hair person and the hair person recommended taking Zinc. I’ve been taking it for maybe a month? And the little hairs at my temple that act they don’t have any sense are finally starting to fill in.