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Fall/winter, Braid-out/ Twist-out Routines


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I plan on doing braid or twists out for the fall and winter. I finally was able to get good results from a braid out so I'm so happy.

I used Edens Body Works leave in and Eco styler gel on air dried hair. Only 2 braids. I don't like doing braid outs on wet hair because it takes days to dry.

Here's the video I followed. Mine came out very much like hers. We have very similar hair.


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Nice thread! I'm looking for something different to do with my hair. So far I've not had much success with braidouts or twistouts. I think it's a combination of poor techniques and not the right products. Looking for ideas.


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Braid and curls (with a perm rod at the end to smooth the ends and create uniform curls) are my FAVORITE hair style. I use a leave in and aloe vera gel to get nice but not crunchy hold and no flakes. My best versions take 14 braids, with the super tiny blue perm rods, and last a week by pineappling at night.

Been in crochet braids for a couple of months, dying to take down my hair to do a braid and curl!!


@stephanie75miller no idea of your texture.... but I've noticed those (like me) with tighter curl patterns need to slightly stretch the hair before twisting/braiding.... blowdry, curlformers, banding, or the such... to get good definition.

This might not be the same for all... but from what I've noticed if I want stretch and definition.
Thanks for the suggestion I have predominantly 4a very coily hair. I may have to stretch as you suggested. Not really sure I want to put in all that effort. I may have to mosey back over to the wash in go thread and just admire the braid outs and twist outs from a far.....


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1. I pre poo with my oil mixture (baggy method overnight )
2. The next morning I add my deep conditioner and set under my steamer
3. I wash or co-wash my hair
4. I sit under my steamer with light protein (Motions CPR - discontinued)
5. I rinse CPR out of my hair
6. I deep condition again and sit under my steamer with a moisturizing conditioner or hair masque
7. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair
8. I use the LOC method to seal in moisture
9. I air dry
10. I saturate my hair with diluted Olive Oil Lottabody and have hair braided into about six braids, two on each side and two in the back with rollers on the ends
11. I air dry for a while and then sit under my Pibbs hooded dryer to complete the drying process
12. I remove braids with oil on my fingers, oil my hair and scalp, shake and go
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IMG_8089.JPG I did a braid and curl this week. I washed and conditioned my hair and then partially dried it with a t-shirt. I then added Darcy's Botanicals Daily Leave-in, Donna Marie Buttercreme and UFD Curly Magic. I like to braid about 2/3 of the way down and then add rods to the ends. This is day 2 hair.