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Fall/Winter Hair Goals


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girl look it was too damn cold nah its too damn hot... its crazy.. idk what the hell is up with the weather lately

this kind of weather is made for phony ponies,twists and everything in between lol. If I did get a relaxer, I would "sweat it out" like my mom says :lachen:


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1. Retain all that grows
2. Remember to wear silky cap under wig to protect crown (experiencing breakage)
3. No trims
4. Not wearing hair out at all during winter sports
5. Sealing ends with vaseline
6. Healthy diet w. plenty of water + supplements


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Really? I would just think it would get aggravating styling almost everyday

I just seen this... oops. Um, for me that's not a problem. I usually style everyday anyway, in some form or another. Whether it's a wash-n-go or twistout/braidout.


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One thing I will do is wear hats outside but make sure the inside is lined with some kind of satin. Figure it would be good to protect my hair from the cold wind.


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Drink more water daily
Co-wash at least once a week
DC with AOHSR or a good moisturizing conditioner under the steamer (thirsty 4B)
Giovini Direct Leave-in
Seal with Castor Oil
Exercise more
Stay consistent with my Chlorella and Spirulina daily drinks
Henna under the steamer once a month
Wig-it non stop until full APL (currently SL)


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DC every day for 5 hours under a heatcap and PS 100% of the time

...nah Imma BKT and swing it, then maybe come back during spring crying about how I retained nothing lol. I just have to have a season of swing, this entire year my self esteem has taken a beating and I'm trying to get a man:look: I'll start being "natural" again in the spring.

In B4: you're beautiful naturally blah blah


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*get a steamer
*oil rinse and DC religiously
*keep my ends healthy so i don't have to trim....but learn to S&D for when i do
*stick to my straight hair regimen
*reach BSL stretched

ETA: hah, apparently i already posted in here. nice to see most of my goals are still the same, except for that sew-in idea. my SO is NOT having that....but it's ok. i think i know my hair well enough now to be able to retain without it.
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My goals
1. Have patience with knots
2. Moisture keep my hair moisture
3. Take care of my ends
4. MBL PLEASE 12/31/2010

5. Grow my baby hair to shoulder length she is transitioning right now....not a big chop last relaxer was October slowly cutting the perm out she only has about two inches of perm left


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Start Henna-ing again.
DC more
Try to get back into twists again
trim more often
make a flat iron job look passable
trim my ends more
Find a reggie and stick to it.

I want to be a comfortable BSL not a "some days I am some days I'm not". Maybe when I straighten I'll know for sure.


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In the winter I tend to enjoy deep conditioning more (think warm heating cap on a cold day). But I also tend to wear my hair down more to keep warm, which is a bad idea since I wear scarves and all that.

Fall/Winter 2010 Goals:
- DC twice a week
- Moisturize twice daily
- reach BSL by birthday in November
- protecitve style most if not all the time
- Use my growth aid more often to compensate for lack of growth


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care for my scalp by using sulfate free shampoo on weekends
and Jason dandruff poo on wednesdays
meditate on hair goals
henna every other week
drink more water
JBCO every 2-3 days on scalp
continue WGO in caramide challenge in deep condish and sealing
herbal scalp rinse for finish
continue chlorella


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1.Buy a steamer

2.Stick with products that work for fall/winter hair

3.Dc more then once a week (I get lazy in winter) lol

4.Buy pretty fall/winter hair pins

5.Do different PS

Happy Hair Growing!


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1. Get a serious trim and touch up b4 school semester starts
2. Deep condition and moisturize more often
3. Take care of my edges
4. Hid my hair with protective styles.


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-I want to be full NL by December, maybe even a few strands flirting with SL.

-I want to cut back on heat by utilizing braids for 4-6 wks at a time. This is subject ot change tho, as I monitor how my hair responds to the braids.

-I also want to be more consistent with my vitamins and water intake


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1. Deep condition at least twice per week
2. Protectively style 5-6 days/week
3. Moisturize and seal my ends daily
4. retain...Retain...RETAIN!
5. Dust and search & destroy regularly; trim when necessary
6. Make Full APL by December 2010

All of the above!

Just 1 difference for me.

Make # 6 Full Shoulder Length.


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Wear hats when outside and Stimulate my scalp more (that's the one thing I've been slacking off on).


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:yep:here are my goals:

1- Use light protein treatment 1xweek

2- use my hair steamer 1X week with a DC right after light protein treatment (I bought my first hair steamer 2 days ago online:spinning:!!!! Can't wait for it to come in!!!!)

3- Moisturise + seal daily

4- 2-step protein every 6 weeks

5- bunning 99% of time

6- exercise and reunite with hip hop dancing (that i've been neglecting for a while:nono:)

7- take daily vits

8- Making my hair healthier (if the length comes with it, then I won't say no to it lol!!)


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My Fall/Winter hair goals are to retain 2.5-3 so I can make WL. I think I can get 2inches which will be close enough. And I want to be a little more strict on my regimen since im now dealing with my own hair instead of wearing installs.


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My goals are as follows:

1. To continue to use a primarily ayurvedic regimen throughout winter.
2. DC with steam 1-2x per week
3. Moisturize nightly
4. Bun and/or twist 99% of time
5. Exercise regularly
6. Take vitamins regularly
7. Keep moisture/protein balance on point
8. No trims


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My fall/winter plans are:

1) Continue my 4/2/6 (for the next 2 years) program which includes
2) 50% PSing with every other day moisturizing
3) Weekly washing
4) Steaming in moisture treatments weekly while out of PS
5) End of the year trim
6) Putting my $365 on my Visa/Master card for 2011 Spending funds
7) Continue my Monthly Protein Treatments
8) Use up my Stash :D

Highly Favored8

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Fall/Winter 2010

To be full APL
Two more touch up's Sept. and Dec.
Moisturize, protein and DC treatments.
Keeping hair in protective styles.- I will be back home in NYC weeks at a time this year. By keeping my hair in protective styles b/c of the cool/cold weather here compared to FL where I would have been able to lay my hair down.
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1. No trimming
2. No straightening (I keep getting the itch!)
3. Gain two inches
4. DC 3x a week
5. Get a steamer!
6. Henna once a month (at least)
7. Scalp massages at least 4 times a week


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Be more gentle while detangling
Stick to a regimen/diet
Drink more water
Exercise often
DC weekly
Henna twice a month
Moisturize daily/nightly
Massage scalp nightly
Invest in a steamer
Stop hand in hair syndrome
Keep log of what works and how it works


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Be more gentle while detangling
Stick to a regimen/diet
Drink more water
Exercise often
DC weekly
Henna twice a month
Moisturize daily/nightly
Massage scalp nightly
Invest in a steamer
Stop hand in hair syndrome
Keep log of what works and how it works

HENNARO!!!!! :wave:

I'm def adding HIH syndrome to my list!


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Protective Styling: I need more go-to styles besides bunning.

Diet: MORE WATER! Less salt and sugar.

Healthy Ends: Stretching and sealing my ends regularly!