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Fall/Winter Hair Goals


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Twist, twist, and twist... Winter is hell on my hair as well. Very drying. I have senegelase twist in now. I got them put in last week, and I'm loving them. From what I hear the style last for 2-3 months. I plan to wear that style for the winter. I just stocked up on a rainbow selection of tams I found on ebay. Very cute! : )


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I will be wearing my natural hair twisted
I want to retain whatever inches I gain. Keep it moisturized and seal the ends. It would be great if I could learn to braid, but hey I'll start with moisturizing first
Hmm, come fall/winter, I plan on wigging it until Dec./Jan. I really hope that the remainder of my hair gets to APL. I plan on purchasing a steamer as well. Here's to moisturized and healthy hair:)


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I'll be doing buns. I'm in the HYH challenge and buns are pretty much it for me. Plus I plan to lock down a decent regimen as far as products go. In terms of techniques, I think I'm doing what my hair needs and loves for the time being so its really about finding the right products that will give my fine strands the much needed protein and moisture they crave. Also I need to thicken up my edges what were thinned out due to rubbing of my head scarf against my hairline so those are my fall winter plans.


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1. Do monthly protein treatments
2. Stop slacking and start taking care of my hair again (was stylist only at one point)
3. Style my hair more (I know this is a no-no with heat and stuff but oh well, I need to look like I do my hair)
4. Eat better and drink more water banging body and banging hair
5. Claim full and healthy MBL
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Continue protective styles
Deep condition with steam
Learn how to cornrow (I've been saying this for awhile, one day it will happen :lachen:)


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  • Low manipulation
  • Protective styles
  • Keep porosity in check
  • Retain all my length
  • Stretch my relaxer by 2 more wks each time


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1. Improve PS Styling by learning new updoes (acheived)
2. No braid extensions
3. Flat iron once between Sept and Dec
4. Baggy More
5. Grazing MBL by Dec 2010
6. PS Style 95-99%...Limit Twist/Braid "outs"....Simply wear the twists or braids (going strong the last 2 weeks) in cute styles.


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Subscribing and bumping for the ladies in the South that don't even feel fall weather until the end of December :lol: (my fellow Floridians know what I'm talking about)! I'm just looking for ideas and tips.


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Okay so I've already changed one of my goals and its not even Fall yet :lachen:. Instead of rockin twists and braids under my wigs, I'll be sticking to sew-ins for the remainder of my transition. :yep:

Okay I lied....back to braids and wigs :giggle: