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Fall/Winter Protective Styles..


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It's getting to be that time if year once again... u know, cold & snowy. So.. I was wondering which protective styles you ladies use to get your hair through the winter months.. So far I only have a bun in my arsenal, and while its been working for me, I know I'm gonna need a little more variety to get me through the winter..

So..... which protective styles do you like to rock during the chilly season??? I myself am natural, but both Natural & Relaxed Ladies suggestions are welcomed!!!!



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We have very harsh winters where I live, so I plan to do my usual lone braid. I moisturize well and apply castor oil to the end of the braid and tuck it inside my coat if I'm going out so it's not rubbing against my carseat, strap, purse etc.

It's either my braid or my bun. I need some suggestions too.


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I'm doing half wigs. Last winter I got a lot of breakage and I wore my hair up everyday but it was still so dry. But I wasn't wearing hats either. I dont like them. But I will rock the wigs and see how my hair does. The wig will be my "hat" lol.


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I just discovered the joy (and ease) of bunning, so I'm definitely putting that into my regimen. My problem is that I hate having the same style over and over so I do a lot of flat twisting, cornrowing, and extensions. I also wrap my hair a lot, covering it with a satin bonnet before wrapping with cotton headwraps.


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I'm planning on switching up the oils I use to seal. For the summer (since it's so hot here in florida) I like to seal with coconut oil mixed with grapeseed oil, but for winter (yeah, it does get kind of cold here in Florida :grin:)I want to seal with black castor oil (because I heard it's thicker) mixed with coconut oil (because my hair just loves it).