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FINALLY stopped stalking this site and joined.......


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Hi LHCF family....I am so excited I finally joined:grin:!!!!! So Ive been light weight stalking this website for about 5 months and have learned sooooo much. I have NEVER taken care of my hair (didnt even know there was more to hair then poo & cond) partly because I am of mixed race and no one in my family knew what to do with my damn hair. I grew up hating my curly hair(in youth) and always wearing a bun or constantly trying to straighten it!! In my early twenties I finally started to embrace and actually like the natural state of my hair but still didnt know how to take care of it.

I am addicted to this site and thank the women who created it! I am glad to say I finally stopped staying up til 3 and 4 in the morning lurking on here....lol. So far I havent exactly narrowed down my regimen.....but I am in loooove w/ ayurvedic powders and oils, and cocunut oil...it has truly changed my hair:drunk:!

I am a little confused on my hair type?? Posted pictures up in fotki
I have a really dry scalp....suggestions??

Thanks ladies'
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:welcome: To LHCF!

No one can determine your hair type w/o a picture.. I think some did a recent thread on it so I can see if I can find it for u

ETA: SO I couldn't find the thread but I did find a link to a website..


Also for dry scalp I rub a light oil on my scalp such as grape seed on my head about 3 times a week and I co-wash and keep my hair moisturize. I use to have really bad disgusting dandruff.. but its gone now!

I don't know if this help or I was just rambling .. but HHG!!!
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Thanks smwrigh3.....I just figured out how to put up a pic....lol. I am a retard cuz I really thought it was up......Im not tech savy..... I have no idea how to add a pic to a post???? Help me:)