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Florida Man Accused Of Poisoning Co-worker’s Drink With Bodily Fluid


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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL/RNN) - A Florida man who was caught on camera allegedly putting a white bodily fluid into a co-worker’s water is facing new felony charges for poisoning.

Robert Tyson, 62, is now charged with two counts of poisoning water with intent to kill or injure. He was booked into the Leon County Detention Center on Tuesday and freed on a $2,000 bond.

The charges stem from multiple incidents in June and July where Tyson was caught on camera allegedly putting a white bodily fluid into his co-worker’s water mug. Tyson was immediately fired from the Center for Dermatology on Welby Way after his place of employment reviewed the security footage.

At that time, the victim told police she suspected the motive for the alleged incidents was that Tyson believed she lacked the capability to be an effective office manager. The police report states Tyson sent several letters to the victim and her employer indicating that he was not satisfied with her management style.

The victim also provided officers with an email and letter that Tyson sent to human resources admitting his guilt in one of the alleged incidents. In the email he said, “I am attaching a letter of admission of guilt and a plea to end this matter quickly. I pray it will. My life is a total wreck right now.”

In the letter, Tyson also blamed his actions on exhaustion due to his work schedule.

Before the new charges, Tyson faced two counts of battery. Court records indicate the State Attorney’s Office dismissed the battery charges upon the filing of the new charges.

The new charges are described in a court document filed by an assistant state prosecutor on Nov. 6.

The documents say Tyson, “did unlawfully introduce, add, or mingle any poison, bacterium, radioactive material, virus, or chemical compound with food, drink, medicine, or any product designed to be ingested, consumed, or applied to the body with intent to kill or injure another person.”

An explanation on why the charges were changed was not readily available.

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Black Ambrosia

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What was his job? This would make more sense if he was passed over for the same job but I have a feeling he was the janitor. Who sends letters complaining about the person to the person and management and thinks they’re getting away with something like this? In this day and age, he didn’t check for cameras first?

I’m guessing the woman isn’t white. If she is then she probably refused his advances.