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Flying While Black...american Airlines At It Again..


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It seems to me that this woman not only feels empowered but entitled. The video of the two men changed my perspective somewhat because that is a shared armrest and both people cant use it at the same time. The ww felt it was hers to use whether the person was fat or not.


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JUst wanted to say...

And when I pay for the extra seat, I always get someone in the row who wants to take it over. Put their luggage in the space - under or - in the seat during flight.

Or better yet, pulling down the dinner tray of that seat to store their trash.

Had to tell BM to move his stuff, I paid for the seat for my use not his.

Ask if you want to use something I paid for.

And yes I disclose that the seat is mine. Usually have to tell FA’s of full flight that they will have to reimburse me for the seat with something extra.



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The title should have been Flying While FAT! I wouldn't want someone's body fat flowing into my seat either but for 45 minutes I probably would have just bit my tongue and endured.