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Foods that aid hair growth


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I am in the middle of cleaning up my diet if some of you dont know. I have lost 20lbs already and am trying SO HARD to get this last 37 off but in the process i have changed my eating habits.

SOOOO it got me to wondering if i am eating foods that aid in hair growth as well. I have been eating tons of vegetables and lean meats. Does anyone have a list of foods that supposed to aid in hair growth as well?


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Fish and nuts. It's not always possible to eat fish daily if you don't live in an ocean or lake community but in that case take fish oil capsules. And overall eat a healthy, balanced diet that's rich in phyto nutrients.


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WATER, Nuts, eggs, legumes (beans), dairy products, protein in general since hair is made of keratin (a form of protein--whether you are vegetarian n get yours from veggies or tofu, or are a meat-eater like me), fish (fatty fish like salmon, mackerel), green leafy veggies, fresh fruit, healthy oils (those high in omega-3-6-9's and monounsaturated fats), seaweed would I guess be considered a green leafy veggie, but it def. aids in growth (whether that be nori, kelp, etc).

Also, make sure that you are getting enough good fats in your diet. Often when people are trying to lose weight they cut out all fat or heavy amounts, and that can make your hair brittle, skin dry, hair loss, etc. Your body needs a good amount of fat to function properly, as ALL cell walls are made up of lipids (fats). There needs to be a good balance of fat, protein, and carbs. I myself get extra protein from eggs and meat...and I see the diff. in my hair.

This is just a short list, but if you Google "healthy hair foods" or "foods that are good for hair", you will find a better list. Try incorporating amino acids into your vitamin or supplement regi. I have learned there are like 20-something AAs that the body needs to build cells, especially collagenous tissues like muscle, skin, hair, and many hair vitamins DO NOT CONTAIN AA's.

It is often necessary to take them separately. One good AA is L-Cysteine, for example. Body gets some from food, but most ppl don't get the adequate amount just from diet alone.

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