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For Plenty706- My Haircare Regimen


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Plenty706 sent me a lovely PM asking me to post my hair regimen, so here goes. :)

Weekly Regimen:
*Shampoo 1x a week with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo (detangles and moisturizes very well)
*(Deep) condition 1x a week with KeraCare Humecto, Humectress w/EVOO, or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask (I recently started to deep condition FIRST, before my shampoo. I usually let the conditioner sit on for at least an hour, covered with no heat)
*Conditioner washes 1-2x a week with Humectress/EVOO combination
*Apply coconut oil for shine (used to use KeraCare Essential Oils, too heavy for me), Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner (a leave-in, will soon be switching to Design Essentials Thereputics RX Leave-In Conditioner), and John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum (heat protectant, shine, anti-frizz, and detangling)
*Moisturize daily with products such as ORS Carrot Oil for my ends, EQP Mango Butter for my roots and new growth,and NTM Silk Touch Leave-in for re-doing my braidouts at night.
*TRY* to cover my hair nightly with a satin bonnet (but I don't always).

Other Staple Products:
*Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo (as needed, follow up with the EQP CCS)
*ApHogee Damaged Hair Treatment (ever six week)
*Smooth 'N Shine Styling Mousse for the wet look
*Nexxus KerapHix (mild protein treatment when needed)
*Jojoba Oil for my scalp (which tends to be dry)
*Shower comb and men's brush
*I also have a special concoction of my own that I use for detangling my newgrowth and rewetting my braidouts. It's a mix of EVOO, honey, water, glycerin, and other oils.

Hair Styles:
I prefer styles that do not require heat. I love to do air-dryed ponytails, one or two braids big braids, buns, bantu knots, braidouts, Sylver2's method or put in some mousse and let my hair airdry (with or without the plopping method). I occassionally do a rollerset and I very rarely use heat.
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Thanks for the regimen. Your hair is beautiful!


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Thanks ladies!

Plenty, you are very welcome, thank you for the compliments.

Anky, I am in the process of trying to simplify my routine which DatJerseyDyme inspired me to do. I went through my PJ phase and I had soooo many products. I decided to rid myself of the ones that were unecessary or I did not use and keep the ones that do best on my hair. I actually have a sale over on the product exchange board of products I am willing to part with. Let me just tell you, it was very hard for me to part with some of them but I am really trying to get over my sickness. :lol:


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Plenty706 said:
Hey CincySweetie, just one more thing

do lye or no-lye

how often do you relax?

thanks :D
I'm sorry I totally overlooked the first time you asked that question. I use Hawaiian Silky Mild relaxer, and I'm not sure if it's lye or no-lye. I was relaxing every 13 weeks, I stretched it to 18.5 recently but I think I won't go any longer than 14-16 if I relax again.

ichephren..I am not sure about my hair type, others have estimated it to be around 3b/c.