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For those wanting long hair...


Well, I've changed my Mind. I've decided to give up on relaxers. I don't have anything against relaxers, just how they are applied. At one salon I was going to the stylist didn't wash the relaxer out properly and it caused breakage at the back nape. My hair broke off so badly in that area til and I'm just not going to deal with that issue any longer. I feel I will have more control concerning my hair's health by eliminating that variable. I figured out what happen: Most stylist will wrap your neck with a towel and wrap the plastic cape around that. Then they apply the relaxer, ok ,then they take you to the wash bowl and rinse out the relaxer, but they leave that relaxer-soil towel around your neck so that relaxer gets back in your hair or the towel rides up and the hair at the nape is not washed properly. I'm just finished with it all. One stylist I use to go to would always change out the towel with a fresh one after rinsing the relaxer out and I didn't experience that problem.