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Fotki Warning


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I don't get any weirdos in my fotki either, certainly nobody anonymous. It depends on your settings I think. None of my pics show my face or my body. They are all of the back of my head so I guess it's not really too exciting for them if they do visit.


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I need to look at my guest book. I really don't worry about that kind of stuff. If you worry about what you can't control you'll bring that kind of stuff to you. I haven't worried and have yet to get a weirdo, but I will check. Now watch me have to lock down my fotki because there is some weirdo lurking. What other people do don't bother me, I just hope they don't put any pics of me out there, but most of my pics are of my hair and if they want to get their jollies off on a pic of the back of my head, I hope it relieved some frustration...

:lachen::lachen:@ the bolded! But seriously, this is creepy. I hope I don't have to worry about pervs once I start adding pics.