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Funny Tangle Teezer Story


Thanks 4 our nail *****!
I just bought the last one at my sally's 5 minutes ago (this sallys is the closest but I have to go toward the country not the city)....The funniest thing happened, there was this very country white lady with hip length hair and she was looking at brushes, I saw her there for a while.....I picked up the pink tangle teezer and put it in my basket then started looking at the thermal round brushes....Now this chic keeps looking in my basket and at the last TT the purple one and then back at me...So I politely tell her that I heard it was amazing and she should try it! She just sort of looks at me sideways and keep looking at brushes 5 minutes later she said "Did someone tell you it worked great or did you read that somewhere?".... I said I read it here and can you believe when I said Longhaircareforum her eyes lit up and she picked up the purple one and put it in her cart (who uses a CART at SALLY's?)... Now it was my turn to look at her sideways but I kept my mouth shut, seconds later her daughter comes over and I over hear her say she is getting the TT because that black site she kept telling her daughter about said it was good and that lady(me) told her about it... Ok so I thought it was funny that a hip length white lady lurks here but also to prove the TT was awesome she started brushing her hair with it at the store....Before buying..... then uses another comb for comparison but puts the other comb back on the shelf!!!!!!! ewwwww!:nono:

Moral of the story
Move the top brush or comb and buy from the back like you shop for milk....?
Always wash your new brushes 1st.....?
The advice here is priceless...........?
Pick one

Message to Grove City lady, if you are lurking reading this..

I haven't tried the TT yet but this is the thread started by Findingme that made me buy it.....


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at first I was like, maybe she thought you meant the long hair community but I see she knew, that's interesting that even clear people read this board.


Thanks 4 our nail *****!
You know she her hair was sort of curly maybe that's why.....But it is very interesting to me too because she was white...... and country....and had hair.....and lurks here....Really? I was like <zoinks>! The daughter had hair too very colorful hair........healthy looking too....I have a sister-in law who is white and lurks because of my nieces hair so maybe its the same thing..... or maybe just because of how great the over all advice here is.....Whatever it was just soooo out of place it took me off guard....


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That is mcnasty central. I hope she reads this thread!

Wasn't there anyone around that works there?


Thanks 4 our nail *****!
YES!!!!! it was really creepy too because I wasn't going to say anything and the tangle teezer makes this noise when you use it like......Ooooh I don't know like those dog brushes made of wire....whoosh...whoooshh... and NO ONE SAID A WORD..... I just went over to the next aisle because I needed argan oil and I wanted away from the crazy....I bought the brush I had in my hand at the time because I wasn't going back there...I wish I hadn't because it won't curl my hair the way I wanted but it was fight or flight.....I choose flight...
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Errrrrrrrrr............. Ga-roh-sss.

Lesson learned. Treat combs and brushes like bras and panties.

Always thoroughly wash and disinfect prior to first use or you'll get someone's cooties..

Bad FORM! Grove City lady! Bad Form!


Thanks 4 our nail *****!
Yeah I just now used my new brush.
I had to soak it in bleach over night to make sure it was safe.....
Curse you grove city lady!
I am physiologically scarred by your grossness at sally's


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Lmao! this had me giggling. I have to go with "the advice here is priceless" but, dang she had to say that " black site" I wonder which friend of hers told her about this site though. Anyway, I'm still sitting on the fence about that tangle teezer. And I know once I enter sallys I'll be leaving with more than I really needs.

Thanks for the laugh. You always keeps it real aahaha:lachen:


This is nothing new. I know people who try before they but hair products. :rolleyes: That's all I'm gonna say before I get stoned.:lachen::yep: