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Fuzzy twist syndrome


I think I finally have the twists down, but only problem is the twists a fuzzy and the definition only lasts a short time. Am I the only one with fuzzy twist syndrome? :violin: I've tried everything- twisting wet, tristing damp, twisting dry....it all ends the same. :ohwell: This stinks because I am soo close to perfecting them. I can do twists, but it just doesn't look right. Can you experts give me any tips? My hair is just so darn thick, I can't even get my parts to show! :lol:


Ayiti cherie
I think fuzziness comes with the territory. Mines start getting fuzzy after 3 days. Have you tried a gel? I've used regular gel and ORS Lock & Twist gel. I like the ORS better.


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Fuzzies def come with the territory. My twists start really fuzzing after a week. I twist dry using a curl activator gel on the ends. Also don't take this the wrong way but maybe your expecting too much from your hair. I am sure your twists look fine, you just have to see them that way. HTH


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I think i have frizzy sydrome. i twist mine wet last night and i will never do it again. my hair is just a big old fuzz ball. i don't know how i'm going to comb my hair later>


Thanks for your replies. Maybe I am expecting too much of my hair. When I see the tight twists u guys rock, I just get google eyed! :love: I just wish I could feel more confident wearing it out in public. :ohwell:


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I find that the smaller they are, the longer they look neat. Mine lasted longer the smaller and tighter I twisted them. Also when my hair was completely texturized, they wouldn't stay, that's why I used to use beeswax. Now, I only do twists on damp hair and let them dry.

Country gal

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No problem with fuzzies. I use Barry Fletcher twist like this for the twists. I also spray their frizz control mint spray. Do you tie your hair up at night?


free @ last
I was having that problem too, give it a few days and I looked like I had my twists in for months--using a product with some hold will keep the fuzzies away longer. Twisting tight with the right product should help, and if you have hand in hair disease (where you can't keep your hands out of your hair) that leads to fast fuzz as well. HTH, I'm still figuring it out :)


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I think fuzzy twists comes with having natural hair as well. I don't mind the fuzzyiness because that's just how my hair is in almost any style. I actually like it. As for wearing them in public, just don't worry about what other people are going to say. In situations like this always think/say, if you hair (or whatever else you are concerned about) was absolutely perfect, folks would find something else wrong to talk about anyway. Be confident in your twists and rock them outside.


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Have you all tried doing twists while your hair is wet and adding a little setting lotion/foam to your hair? I haven't tried this myself, but I was thinking that maybe this would help "hold" the twist/curl longer. It works for rollersets! :D


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Mine are getting fuzzy, I did them Friday. I don't care though, I believe it comes w/ the territory... and fuzzy hair is better than no hair!