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Georgia Grandmother Kills Rabid Bobcat With Bare Hands After Being Attacked


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A woman suffered two bites and several scratches after a rabid bobcat attacked her in a northeast Georgia county.

The incident happened June 7 around 6:15 pm on Liberty Church Road, when Hart County deputies responded to reports of a woman calling for help. Police arrived to find DeDe Phillips, who was covered in blood, holding the bobcat down on the ground by the throat.

The police report said blood was running down Phillips's face, arms and legs.

Phillip's saw the bobcat under her SUV. "I snapped a picture and about that time the bobcat took two or three steps and leapt," she said.

Phillips said the nearly 40-pound bobcat then landed on her chest and charged at her face. She then began struggling for her life but trying not to scream.

"My five-year old granddaughter was in the house and I didn't want her coming out," Phillips said. "If she would have came out it would have killed her. But he's biting the daylights out of me and I'm thinking, 'I can't let him go. Not today ... I wasn't dying today.' "

“And I strangled it to death,” Phillips said.

Once the animal stopped moving, Phillips yelled for someone to call 911.

"She yelled that the animal had attacked her and she was afraid that if she let go it would continue to attack her," the report said. As another deputy was getting out of the patrol car, Phillips' son stabbed the bobcat.

Phillips is being treated for the rabies infection, treatments that cost nearly $10,000 per shot, and she needs 10 of those.

"I may never get feeling back in these two fingers," Phillips said.

An online fundraising account has been established to help with her medical expenses.


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"Not today". - Ancient African American Proverb. Lol

Don't y'all love being black and so polite? I noticed when black folks have to tell you about yourself, in real life or online...we let you know. "Oh, I had time today". When it's shenanigans we want no parts of...."Not today." So considerate of others cause we're gonna let you know, lol. Bobcat ain't know what was up. Lol. I'm in tears. If she isn't black, I'll take it all back.


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ok i still don't know where it is :lol: but it's not close to me.

*puts away bobcat mace*
It's 110 miles northeast of ATL. You good :lol:
Why she came out the house herself?

I cracked up at. : "But he's biting the daylights out of me and I'm thinking, 'I can't let him go. Not today ... I wasn't dying today.' "

“And I strangled it to death"

I forgot this gem from the article:

"When it got to [the] pole, it leaped on me…I grabbed it by the shoulders and pushed it back away from me…and I took it down.” :rofl:


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She's not black...take a look at her donation link. Trust, I'm as surprised as you are :lol:

I seriously looked at that hand and took a leap of faith because it's a little more melanated than my black hubby's, then I pondered over her name being Dede (DeeDee) Phillips, and then the common language we use when "ain't nobody got time for that" joined with the take down. But y'all are right, taking a picture should have been the BIGGEST clue, lol. Cause most of us really don't have time for that ever. I'm slipping; disclaimer and the whole post should've been dead in the water with her taking a picture of the thang under the car even. Cause she made time for the wrong thing, lol. :lachen:


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Some people have to learn the hard way that wildlife is not interested in participating in America’s Next Top Model animal edition.

Now thanks to this chance encounter Dede has learned an expensive $100k lesson. Bobcats don’t like to be told to smize for the camera.

In a related note the bobcat in the OP is serving face for days and looks absolutely fierce.

RIP Kitty Galore