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Get In Here And Help Me Out!!!!


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Ok ya'll well She found out that I was getting a decent size income tax refund and is now going mad.:lachen: So I've decided since she has been good for the past 5 days I shall shower her with gifts, lol. I need some help and suggestions about which things to buy her to try out.
I need suggestion for:

Shampoo: I've been using .99 sauve cherry jams for kids smells:lick:, but I want to know what ya'll are using
Holding spray: I have lots of fly aways
Conditioner: I was looking Nexxus Humectress (is it a good buy), I want to also buy the liter of ORS Replenish it's just as good as the packs right?
Shine: I need a product that adds lots of shine.

She would also take any other suggestions. She is good health. Her moisture and protein game is on point. So suggest away.


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her??? lol are you talkin about your hair?

shampoo - kenra makes good ones (or so i hear), but i am partial to organix poos.
conditioner - my faves are kenra mc and gvp conditioning balm...why not roll with some hairveda sitrinillah as well? that's what i would do...
shine - silk elements apparently has a good spray, and chi silk infusion is what i use when i flat iron/rollerset.


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I am rollin' with lilsparkle -

Kenra Poo is real nice -
Condishes - Kenra MC but treat yourself to Strinillah (I haven't tried it but I plan on it) I love the AO GPB and AO HSR

Can't recommend any shine stuff - don't use them...


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LOL, girl I was like she must need an answer fast post in the hair section insteady of off topic, LOL.
Aussie Moist conditioner
Lekair Shea Butter
Very Sexy poo and condish
Some hair accessories
Nexxus Therappee
Rusk Coral Therappe detangling Marine Shampoo
NTM shampoo
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Lol. Thanks ladies. I do refer to my hair as her and she. It seems to me like it has it own personality and she gets moody too. :lachen::lachen: