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God is good


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God is good.

I am sitting here smiling to myself. There is a course I want to go on starting this month. However my finances have gone askew and I was wondering last night where I would find the money to pay for the course and I was even thinking of backing out.

But I really wanted to go on this course and something told me I would really regret it if I did not even try. I have had so so so many setbacks in recent years I was feeling really wounded and last night it was all I could do to stop murmuring to God, but I told myself that if I had a blessing right now I would be saying God is good and God does not change so even if I am going through problems right now God is still good. I felt so unsure of what to pray for that night because it seemed that I never got what I wanted, so all I could pray to God was something along the lines off “thy will be done oh Lord in Jesus name”.

Well fast forward to today. I went to enrol on the course and when I filled in the forms the administrator checked my responses and told me how because of my circumstances I would not have to pay for the course and that I would also be eligible for financial assistance to help with travel and equipment costs. I thought I knew about all the circumstances for which the course fee would be non payable but I had never heard of this one. The administrator even helped me fill in the forms and sent them off she was so helpful.

I went there preparing to pay money to go on the course and now they want to give me money to go on the course instead. :grin:

God is indeed a good God.
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I love this! Praise God! I pray God will continue to give you your hearts desire.


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Thanks everyone. I just had to share about the goodness of God, because I knew this would help someone on their journey.


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Beautiful! God is soooo good, he is great! I hope you enjoy your course and my God continue to bless you :)