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Great Hair Tips for Damaged Hair and Hair Growth


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Excellent information. Any thoughts about using other "premium" products out there (i.e. KeraCare; Mizhani; etc.) After years of relaxing (more like a decade or two), I am FINALLY beginning to grow out (transition) my natural hair. So I definitely need assistance in the first initial steps. My first hair cut was back in March 2010 and I am already concerned about whether it will actually grow healthy & long (again) . I want to get a weave (healthy, braided process) while my own hair is growing out...but no more chemicals. The "weaveologist" I was referred to here near Chicago DEFINITELY has a reputation of assisting with "growing out" or "transitioning" hair with her healthy technique. Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas?? Thx & God bless!

(This is my first day and very first post on LHCF) :look:
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Stella B.

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Yea, I'm defintiely bookmarking this one...I've never seen this thread before. Tons of good info; I can see why its been getting bumped since 2004!!! Is the OP still around?


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The next time someone asks me what I do to get my hair so long I'll email them this. Hopefully they won't be overwhelmed, but you just about covered it all. Great Job Girl!


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This is a summary thread, on how to take care of your hair, Bump for newbies in 2011!