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I straightened almost all of it. it's choppy because I cut each section as much as I think needs to be cut without regard for shape. now... i can wear my clips ins. I could now braid it...I could completely trash this straightening job, deep condition and forget it. idk what i'll do.

final photo in media. i was finally able to capture how it draws up before I'm done straightening it making me think I'm not growing anything. I have to get it done at a salon for it to stay straight for a couple of hours longer
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Speaking of old school hair products, do you all remember this? I remember my mom using this on wash days and my hair being thick and shiny for days! Makes me reconsider all this PJism, lol.

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My aunt in Haiti used the version that came in a tube (why, I will never know; there were better products available). At one point, it became impossible to find/afford there, so I would have to scour stores here that I would normally avoid, in order to send some to her.