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Grow It Long Challenge Keep Growing On...


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Currently have some herbs steeping on the stove for my herbal tea rinse. In it I have:

Black Tea (for hair growth stimulation from the caffeine)


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Spritz Stunna on my scalp & on top of that applied Fenugreek stimulating oil.

•Using a silk scarf at night & on top of that I put a cotton scarf on and it really seals in the moisture keeping my head warm...I remember doing this a couple of years ago & I got a good amount of growth quickly.

Happy Hair Growing!


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Used some of my diy Fenugreeek oil on scalp and I used up a bottle of IN Aloe & Hibiscus Leave-in tonight as my cream moisturizer for tonight.

No backups left of the latter and probably not a repurchase either. I liked it but don't actually NEED it.


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This afternoon I made some herbal tea rinse tonight with HOPS, black tea and brahmi powder. This I will be pouring on my hair while in the shower.

I also made some Fenugreek/AVJ tea rinse to spray my scalp and hair with for strength and moisture through the week.


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Washed with Africa’s Pride moisturizing shampoo, conditioned with SM 100% Virgin coconut oil, and deep conditioned with Bekura Beauty Caocao Bark Conditioning mask.

Got caught in the rain yesterday, and my hat got completely drenched, but upon getting home, my scalp started to get really irritated, so I figured I’d wash it to get all the rain water, sweat, and dirt off my scalp.


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Today I used:

-Design Essentials Milk & Honey Neutralizing Shampoo
-Design Essentials Milk & Honey 6 in 1 Reconstructor
-Amika Triple Rx Mask (protein treatment)
-Amika Nourishing Mask (moisturizing mask)
-Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion Leave-in
-Fenugreek Tea Rinse on Scalp as my growth aid
-Braided in 3 big plaits to style under wigs as my protective style for the week.


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I decided I don’t want fairy tail ends after all. So tonight, I chopped off about 4 inches of wispiness and semi-wispiness. I like my hair to be more even as it makes it easier to comb and detangle and less likely to knot around itself. Also, knowing what I’ve done to grow it long to the length I had, I know what I need to do to retain as it grows. I also can gauge by how much the henna I put in grows out. I have about a half inch new growth since I did it right before Christmas. I figured I’d gain what I cut by August/September.