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Hair Anorexia...oh no!!!


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:yep: Especially since my hair is fine and I'm not thick haired like a lot of the other ladies here. I'm MBL and I still compare my hair to SL ladies :spinning: I started my journey last summer at APL and I'm still looking at my hair like it's barely grown.


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I too have this disease :perplexed ..everyone is complimenting me on my hair saying it's long and healthy,but i can't see what they're seeing..my goal was APL i'm a bit past BSL and its feels soooo short.:ohwell:


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I have a different form of hair anorexia. I always have to do something to it. Whenever I reach my goal length, I can't maintain and just say "wow, it's nice to have great hair." Oh no, have cut it into a style, have to color it, have to relax it, have to go natural (current change of status quo). Why can't I just leave the long hair alone? I'm sure the second I BC, I'll be wanting my BSL length back (just like two days after I relaxed and discovered I was at BSL, I wanted to go natural. I started responding to threads that I was 2 days post, and 1 week post...yeahhhh...I got issues).


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Girl you not the only 1! I feel so bald headed it's not even funny. I'm APL and i feel like i want to be TL NOW ... i just don't have enough hair man..


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:yep: me too.

I am at APL and I might as well have seen ear length.. I don't feel like I have any length to write home about.