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Hair elasticity ?


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No curlers or blowdryers. My hair is pretty healthy and has been growing a very good rate. Im afraid it may start to thin agian if I don't restore my moisture b/c a lot of hair will come out when its wet.
I think I need to go back to using my Deep Brilliance poo, it worked great. CON can be a bit icky but detangles well, and I no longer really like Motions Lavishing, and Im not in love with Therappe at all but I don't want to waste it


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I remember that Supergirl posted a while ago that the protein 'Hydrolyzed Collagen' promotes elasticity. Do any of your conditioners contain HC?

Some examples that I know of are: LeKair Cholesterol and Motions Silk Protein Conditioner.


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maybe your diet? I notice when I'm drinking more water and I'm taking cod liver caps or even a table spoon of olive oil in the morning (yuck I know) my hair and skin is softer and more moisturized. I would also recommend using some of the tips the ladies on this post have already recommended but waiting for at least a few weeks before you expect resuls, sometimes I have to wait as much as a month before I notice the benefits from a product. Hope your hair starts doing better.