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Hair hate all up in the salon!!


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I went to a salon once and a lady walked in wearing a head wrap/scarf. She sat across from me in the waiting section and took the head wrap off and all this lovely, lush hair just fell past her shoulders. When she stood it was WL. That was the first time I'd ever seen a black woman with hair that long that was all hers. I was in awe! I started a conversation with her about hair and she said that she was there just to get her hair in an updo for a friend's wedding.

Her stylist was this short mouthy woman I never liked, and the first thing she said to her was, "You gotta get a trim, I could see your split ends from over there!" That was just a lie, and the woman told her that she had just had her ends cut, she just wanted to get her hair put into an updo. The stylist GOT MAD and yelled that she wasn't going to style her hair without a trim because she was not going to have that woman leaving the salon and telling peole that she did her hair and it look raggedy with those splits. (Mind you, this stylist's hair was a mess every time I saw her...all three times I went there! You'd think she would want to be her own advertisement!)

The woman told the stylist that if she couldnt' do her hair, that surely there was someone else in the salon who could just put her hair up in the style she wanted without needing to trim it. The stylist just walked away from her and no one else spoke to her. She sat there for a minute and then just left.

After she walked out, the whole salon erupted in laughter! The clients, the stylists, the receptionist, everyone was laughing and calling her all kinds of names, and how she needed to get out of there anyway with her nappy, raggedy hair. Her hair was gorgeous!!!! I was less than six feet from her and I could not see a single split! Yet, they all were talking about her hair and how bad it looked. I thought it was perfect!

After their reaction, I got super self-conscious so I told the receptionist I had to go feed my meter (I don't drive) and when I walked out, I just didn't go back in or anymore. I can only imagine what they said about me. I felt bad for that woman, but I was glad she didn't stay and have her hair butchered.

Thank you for sharing your story. I think this drama could have been avoided if the stylist would have just been gracious and admitted she didn't know how to style the clients hair like she wanted her too. I think she was both intimidated and jealous. Some stylist just don't know what to do with long and/or thick hair. Especially if it's healthy hair. Then they get really confused. :perplexed

I'm glad you both walked out because clearly this woman was not up to it and was about to do some serious damage because of her ignorance. And in order to save face she turned the entire salon against the woman.

My sister loves her stylist. Sometimes my sister will go in for a trim and the stylist will tell her she doesn't need it. :spinning: My sister has long relaxed hair that she stretches for months. She said her stylist understands what she's doing. I don't plan on going to any of them but there are some out there. :look:


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wow, this confirms my belief that if you hate yourself you portray hate to others. I had shoulder length hair, i normally got it relaxed by my friend who is a hairdresser in london, she has growing hands as we say in the caribbean. she is , however, expensive, and as i was going through a broke phase i went to this salon in Finsbury park London, ( anyone who lives around there will know who i'm talking about, its right next to the station) Now bear in mind that my hair was not down my back, this nigerian girl, who for some reason found it hard to smile, relaxed my hair bone straight even though i asked her not to, and i had told her that my scalp was very sensitive. so she washes it out, and says to me she to get some length she is going to put some tracks in. Now I know my hair, it can take alot of battering, its thick and healthy, but it looked limp after she relaxed it, i asked her " it looks a bit fine, do you think i should" greedy cow says yes, because they charge by the line.

three weeks later most of my hair had dropped at the front. I know better now, i'm not the quiet little person trying to be nice to people who dont give a **** about me, just my money, next time a stylist doesnt do what i ask them to do, or lies, they wont get my money or my civility.

:nono: Sounds like many of these "stylists" are incompetent to begin with. Then add meaness, jealousy and envy to the mix and you have a 4 inch "trim." :ohwell:


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I'm new to posting on the forum, but I've been a lurker for a while and all the salon experiences make me nervous about visiting a salon. I know one day I'll want my hair flat ironed and I won't feel like doing it myself. My dad has a friend whose wife is a stylist, but I don't know... I only really feel comfortable with the stylist I had before my family relocated, especially after being on here.


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Unfortunately thats why I havent been to a salon in over a year, last time I went I was 5 months pregnant, I asked to get my hair washed and my ends clipped, according to their brochure, a wash came with a blowdry and style for like 20 bucks, They tried to charge me 55 bucks saying that I got my hair straightened.. I was like look, you told me 18 and thats what Im paying, next time you need to say what you mean.. and the owner was trying to say but maam.. naw, and I was pregnant in July too.. Naw yo..

I used to go to Hair Cuttery or JCPenny's to get my ends clipped, less drama :) - Plus I REFUSE to see a stylists whose hair is Jacked up

Tell me about it...the last stylist i went to....her hair was so messed up...you could see all of the tracks and other spots...i thought a stylist having a bad hair day..ok.. By the time i walked out of the place i had a scarf on my head and my cellphone in my other hand calling my brother to get his clipper's ready...never again..I have a recommendation on from the board to check out a place where i live..i might check her out one day..