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Hair Routines Changing with Autumn??


New Member
I'm here in the Midwest and in order for my hair not to simply break off from dryness, I have to modify my routine. Well Fall is here so here's what I'm going to start doing differently.

  1. 2 oz Carrot Juice daily
  2. Protecting External Moisture
    1. Castor oil mixed with rosemary EO on ends and problem areas (nape & crown)
    2. Protective style 4 days/week
    3. ALWAYS sleeping with satin/silk scarf. (exposure to the heated house overnight leaves me with dry hair in the AM)
    4. Breaking out my humidifier for the bedroom.
  3. Protecting External Moisture
    1. Drinking a minimum of 64 ozs of water.
    2. Taking my borage oil or 2 tbls of ground flax seeds
What are my divas doing?


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Probably just the same as I have been doing now. I seem to get more growth around the fall/winter time. I always keep it moisturized because I know the sun dries out my hair, and the wind from the cold does the same. So nothing really special.


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Will purchase a Humidifier for the bedroom. I already DC twice per week but I'm definitely going to use ones with much more moisture in them as my scalp and hair tend to get dry during the winter. I've already discovered two great ones that I've already started to use with GREAT results: Alter Ego (coconut mask) and Capillo Sole and Cinnamon Conditioner (Dominican)...LOVE THESE and will never stop using them...lol Finally something that works great with my Aveda products! The slip with these products is unbelievable.


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My routine will change starting October 1, 2007. I will be wearing a wig until May 2008 during the week day. On the weekend I will be wearing it down and out.

I will wash and deep condition twice a week. I am a pantene/ORS girl so I will be using pantene breakage defense shampoo, pantene relaxed and natural moisturizing conditioner, (ORS hair mayo and hot six oil for prepoo). My leave in is NTM silk touch and lacio lacio sealed with ORS tea tree oil. The ingredients in the ORS tea tree oil are great. I use this on my scalp in the winter as well once a week. :yep:


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I'm probably going to wear my french braid more than just the weekend. It'll keep me from going outside with a wet head. Luckily I really don't have to worry about much of a winter until January.