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Hair Tools - What are your essentials?


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As a newbie....Dontspeakdefeat's transition thread was amazing!! Thanks again!! So after figuring out all the products that I needed to find (still searching of course)...it took me a couple of weeks to realize that I was still missing some very helpful Hair Tools...

I wanted to ask you ladies what hair TOOLS do you feel are essential to your hair routine...so far I have picked up that people feel the following are important:

Boar Bristle Hair Brush (if you brush)
Denman Hair Brush (for detangling)
Silk/Satin Hair Scarves (for protection)
Silk/Satin Pillow Case (for protection)
Shower Comb (for detangling)
Clips/Ouchless Rubber Band/Scrunchies (for sectioning/bunning)
A Shower Filter (if you have really hard water)
Hard Hair Dryer/Bonnet/Hand Towel or Turban (for deep conditioning)
Aquis Towel (for quick air drying)

Please respond with your essential hair tools...what brands you love, where you bought, them and how much you paid...Thank you!! I want to compile a Hair Tools for Newbies list!! Thanks so much!!

Oh...and if this has been done before...please send me the link...Thanks!


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This is a good thread. We all have heard good products to use on our hair but not good tools. Here is what I think are essential for *me* Especially seeing how I heat style every 2 mos.

Plastic caps for deep conditioning.
Heating cap for deep conditioning
Detangling Shower comb, for detangling AND combing my straight flat ironed hair.
Small tooth comb to rake sides to get them straight
Duck clips
Blowdryer for DIRE emergencies (Babyliss Ceramix)
Flat iron (Sedu)
Satin Scarves
Satin Pillowcases
Small hair towel for pre-pooing and drying hair


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helen of troy 1600 watts blow-dryer
Duck-bill clips
jilibere de paris shower comb
rat-tail comb for parting
really old denman brush I found at my parents house (should buy another)
caruso rollers
satin bonnet and scarf


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There are really on two tools i can't live without:

1. Heat Cap for weekly deep conditioning (i use Gold N Hot...I think it was like $25 at Sallys).

2. Caruso Hair Setter for steam curling my airdried hair (I think it was about $39) from Amazon.com.

Also, of course I use a wide-tooth bone and seamless comb (can't remember price or where purchased). I use it for detanging and styling.

Silk Headscarf for wrapping my hair at night from Tenderheaded.com for $11.


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Denman D5
Wide tooth comb
Shower comb
Plastic caps
Hooded dryer
Duckbill clips and roller clips
Maxiglide flat iron
Ouchless hair bands
Claw clips to clip up hair while flat ironing
Satin scarf


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You've got great lists going! I would add Bone Combs. I bought a wide tooth one for detangling, and a ratail one for rollersets from Sally's. They were about 99 cents each, and I lose much less hair with these than with regular combs.


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Although I have most of the tools ya'll have named my favorites are a hot face towel, the aquis, and my fingers. I put the wet face towel in the microwave. Put it on my conditioner soaked hair and cover it with a larger dry towel for deep conditioning. Rinse and wrap with the Aquis then rake with my fingers into a bun or pony. This is what my "routine" has been lately. It's simple, but it does the job.