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Haircare tips


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I have learned so much about haircare on this site from you guys that I wanted to return the favor.Some tips from First magazine,here it goes:
1. To tame wild hair,run a fabric-softener sheet over strands immediately after styling.
2. Avoid products that contain more than one silicone(dimethicone, and cyclomethicone) they can weigh the hair down.Instead use one with adhesive actylacrylamide for moldability without stickiness. They suggest Nioxin niospray
3.To prevent flyaways, pour shine serum in your palm and blowdry the serum for 20 -30 secs., the warmth thins out the serum so it smooths the strands without weighing the down.
4.To boost moisture, use a deep conditioner that contains panthenoland cyclopentasiloxane weekly, these moisturizers penetrate the hair to seal in hydration. Pro-V Intensive Restoration Treatment is recommended.
5. The key to achieving all day volume and bounce is to dry hair completely, then roll random 2in. sections onto 11/2" velcro rollers. Heat each roller with a blowdryer for 20-30 secs. to lock in body.
6. For maximum shine, mash 8 strawberries and mix 1tbs. of mayo (Vo5 Strawberries and cream LOL), massage into hair cover , leave on for 20min. then rinse. The strawberries contain acid which strips strands of dulling product buildup and the mayo moisturizes hair leaving it lustrous.
7. To lighten too dark-color, lather up with a bar of soap and use to cleanse the hair. Clarifying shampoo can require a week of daily use to remove unwanted color, soap contains stronger detergents, like sodium palmate, that get the job done in one or two washings without damaging the hair.


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Interesting nonconventional tips. Thanks for sharing! I especially like number 3