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First of all, I've been lurking for like 7 months and there's no better time post then now that I'm about to go BALD! :look: anyway I'm starting to panic because I haven't had this many broken (and shed--thanks MT) hairs since before I found this site when I used to abuse my hair. I have 4ab hair, I think. Maybe you ladies would be able to help me troubleshoot.
This is what I do:
My last relaxer was like 3 weeks ago (mizani mild) & I co wash twice a week and dc with wen or mizani moisture sometimes hollywood beauty cholesterol. then I use leave in and sometimes oil like coconut or Aphogee essential after airdrying. Did I mention I've sworn off hair dressers?

maybe too much moisture/build up?

I recently started using sabino moisture block so I could flat iron on wash days with my cheapo remington ceramic iron on low/medium heat. that's around the time my breakage started. trouble is I also started using mt coat rebuilder at the same time. AND got in the chlorinated pool.:perplexed They look like heat damaged breaks (you know where its white but has no "bulb") but I'm not sure I also emailed the sabino guy who says I may have accidentally flat ironed my hair before it was completely dry/ or I need to turn the heat up when I flat iron so i don't swipe so many times...I'm afraid of high heat, though.

I'm not normally this long-winded, I promise; :blush:just confused because the breakage has slowed but not stopped.:pullhair: I dunno if its residual or I'm still doing something wrong. My hair is still recovering from an aphogee incident a few months back and I want to be sure of what I need before i do anything else stupid.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks everyone!


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Hello and Welcome- The ladies will chime in shortly. Just wanted to ask you if you knew that while using MT, you probably shouldnt use any other protein products. So your Apo, cholesterol and yes even the coconut oil are probably going to have to be shelved while you use the MT. Also the MT is great if only applied to the scalp.
Someone else will be along shortly. With more info.
Peace and HTH!


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WELCOME! And bless your heart! I think the culprit was using MT and then getting into that pool. I would do deep moisturizing DC's. Here's to more responses and better advice. Time for me to leave work!


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deep condition with a cholesterol and honey mix and follow up with aphogee 2 minute conditioner.