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Question Has anyone tried Elixir Hair oil?


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Hey guys! I'm new to writing but have been getting a lot of tips and advice from this forum regarding my hair care. I am natural at the moment and have been for a year now. I ruined my hair with relaxers and decided enough was enough, i got rid off relaxing, grease, and sulphates and parabens in my shampoo. My hair was doing excellently..... Then i read on this forum that alot of people had success with sulphur, i bought some sublime sulphur. Mixed it with my hair oil.... BIG MISTAKE FOR ME! My hair cut and i s left with short hair at the front hardly any in the middle and the same length but thinning at the back. So i had to start again! I found a company called Les Joli who have this Elixir hair oil, which uses Auyverdic herbs and natural oils that promote hair growth. I have been using it for a 3 months now and i have to say my hair has grown a hell of a lot. I did my research before i bought and couldn't find alot of reviews because it is fairly new but i wanted to ask has anyone else used this, if so for how long and what are you thoughts? I'm in awe of this...