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Has anyone tried the Macadamia Natural Hair Oil system?


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The deep penetrating masque says its a reconstructor on it but I don't see any protein in the ingredients. For the user's are you using it for moisture? I still haven't opened mine

I'd like to know this too. I bought this for moisture and I am sitting with this in my hair right now and am reading that masques are for protein. I used heat for a bit, now I plan on going to sleep and rinsing in a few hours.

I really hope this doesn't make my hair hard or anything, especially since I'm using for more than the recommended 7 minutes.


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Update I just repurchased the entire product line and I don't know why I stray from it. They're wonderful products and work great for my hair


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That stuff is great! Much heavier than Morrocanoil so a little goes a long way. My favorite is the oil itself along with the creamy leave in. The leave in is great for roller sets but you have to be very light handed when using these products.


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I'm saw this product line at Marshalls and finally broke down and bought the shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. I'm trying to find a new staple shampoo and conditioner. My hair doesn't like anything right now and I'm getting frustrated with it. I'm going to clarify, and then use these-hopefully with good results.


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I tried the leave in conditioner, bought it from Marshalls for $16. The packaging was cute (although definitely not travel friendly). The formula itself smelled nice but it hardened my strands for some reason. I don't think it contains protein, so it was weird...but wasn't going to put my hair at risk just to figure it out. Maybe I'd try the DC, but I'm not as intrigued now because the leave in didn't work for me.